First Grade Newsletter

September 22nd, 2016

Important Dates

  • Friday, September 30th: Color Run registration from due
  • Thursday, October 6th from 5 - 7: Fall Family Picnic
  • Monday, October 10th: Conference Day & No School (For Students!)
  • Wednesday, October 12th: Fire Prevention Poster Contest Due
  • Sunday, October 16th: FC Dallas Barksdale Family Night
  • Tuesday, October 25th from 6 - 7: COLOR RUN!!
  • Friday, October 28th: PTA Reflections Due (more information below)
  • Monday, October 31st: Pumpkin Math with Dads! (or any other male father figure)

Reminder: Reading logs are due every Monday. Please make sure your child is reading at least 100 minutes a week.

Science Supplies Needed!!

We currently are in need of these supplies for our science unit. Please follow the link and sign up if you are able to provide any of these supplies. Thank you so much!

What are we learning?

Language Arts and Social Studies

In language arts, we have been focusing on story structure and plot. In spelling, we are currently working on words with l- blends (bl, cl, pl) and will be working on words with final blends (-nd, -st, -nt, -sk). In writer’s workshop have been focusing on learning different strategies to use when writing independently, In grammar, we are learning about different types of punctuation and when to use them.

In social studies, we've been discussing the responsibilities of being a good citizen at school, at home, and in the community. Next week, we will be talking about U.S. symbols and the importance of The Pledge of Allegiance.


In math, we are still in our first unit of addition and subtraction. Students have been working with missing addends and solving stories about separating. Next week we will continue working on stories about missing parts.


In science, we have just started a new unit where we are focusing on what a scientist and engineer is and how they explore the world. Over the next few weeks, students will be working to answer the question: How do science and engineering impact your life? Students will be learning how to make observations and record data. We will also be exploring how engineers solve problems and design solutions.

We know a strong partnership with you will make a great difference in your child’s education. You can support your child’s learning by talking with your child about this unit and encouraging her/him to ask questions and think hard. We are looking forward to our Music Makers embarking on their journey of learning!

Teacher Favorites

Mrs. Salmon

Drink: LaCroix Water (Plain, Lemon & Lime)

Treat: Trail Mix

Store: Loft, Limited & Target

Likes: Shopping, Facials & Mani/Pedis

Restaurants: Chic-fil-a, Jersey Mike's, and Chuy's

Favorite teacher supplies: colored pens, markers, and smelly stickers

Ms. Landers

Drinks: Unsweet Tea & Iced Coffee

Treats: Chipotle's Chips & Guacamole/ Popcorn

Stores: Target, Sephora & Nordstrom

Likes: Mani/Pedis

Collects: Anthropology (Voluspa) Candles

Favorite teacher supplies: smelly stickers, flair pens, and oils for diffuser

Mrs. Montoya

Drinks: Dr. Pepper

Treats: chips & cookies

Stores: Target

Likes: mani/pedis and flowers

Restaurants: Fuzzy Tacos, Sonic, and Whataburger

Favorite teacher supplies: smelly stickers, watercolors, and craft supplies

Ms. Carr

Drink: Diet Cherry Limade

Treat: Chips & Salsa

Restaurant: Chuy's & Sonic

Stores: Macy's

Likes: Soaps, Purple Flowers, Spas

Favorite teacher supplies: magic sponge erasers & smelly stickers

Mrs. Ziegelbein

Drink: Dr. Pepper & Unsweetened Ice Tea

Treat: Cheetos Puffs & Cookies

Store: Target

Likes: loom knitting, crafting, Rangers baseball

Restaurant: Chuy's & Panera Bread

Favorite teacher supplies: craft supplies (googly eyes, fancy tape, ect.)

Ms. VanAsdale

Drinks: Coffee, Dr. Pepper

Treats: Chips & Salsa, popcorn, and chocolate

Stores: Target & Starbucks

Likes: Mani/Pedi, coffee and candles

Restaurants: Whataburger, Chipotle, and Chic-fil-A

Favorite teacher supplies: clipboards, scrapbook paper, and craft supplies

PTA Reflections Project

Express your artistic talents with PTA reflections. The categories are choreography, musical composition, photography, visual arts, film production and literature. The 2015-2016 theme is What's Your Story?

This is the first leg of the Triathlon!

One member of the household must be a PTA member to participate.

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