Marquis de Lafayette

By Kristen Smith

Childhood and Family

Marie Joseph Paul Yues Roch Gilbert de motier, also know as Marquis de Lafayette, was born September 6, 1757,in Chavaniac, France into a noble military linage. Before turning 2, His father was killed at Minden,Battle during the 7 year war. At age 12 his mother passed away and two weeks later his grandfather died. As a very young and wealthy orphan he joined the Royal Army 2 years later at the age of 14. At age 16, he married 14 year old Marie Adrienne Francoisse de Noailles. She was one of the most wealthest familes and she was related to King George lll. They had 4 kids, 1 son named Georges and 3 daughters named Marie, Anastasie, and Henriette who died at the age of 2. Lafayette's only education was at Versaillas Academy and College de Plessis. Despite His little education, he did get some military training when he was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Musketeers of the guard.


  • He was the most celebrated man in Europe after the American Revolution
  • Lafayette was awarded the Prestigious metal Le Chavalier de Saint James
  • He got an Honorary Degree from Harvard
  • He is the symbol of Friendship between France and America
  • He was made natural born citizen of America in 2002