South Central Region Encomony

By: Ryan and Madison

Why the south central region has a ninth month growing season?

Because of its warm climate and growing season makes it possible to grow a verity of crops. They get lot of rain and lots of sun for the plants to grow, in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. Many to trade and pay for, you can also sell the crops and get money for them as well.

What Instrumenst do they play?

They play jazz music, the instruments they play can date back all the way to 67,000 years ago. They play drums, rattles, trumpets, xylophone, saxophone, guitars, electric guitars, and many more! They play different music but jazz is probably there most famous. The concerts they play cost money and you have to pay money to get in, a guitar can be about any where to $30-77,055 and plus!!

What are the uses for cotton?

Cotton is a very popular crop to grow there, you can make many clothes and other things! Lots of stuff have cotton in it too. You can make 215 pairs of jeans, 250 single bed sheets, 750 shirts, 1200 t-shirts, 3000 diapers, 4300 pairs socks, 2100 pairs of boxer shorts, 680,000 cotton balls, out of one bale of cotton! 70% of things are made out of cotton or have cotton in them, like cotton swabs and mostly clothes. They sell the stuff at many stores, about all of them have some cotton.