Europe's countries

Find out about France , Greece , and Italy


France is a constitutional republic. Francois hollande is the president he is also in the euroupean union . The government has a limited amount of power. At this moment France is struggiling with the political situation in nigeria. The Eiffel tower is a historical monuement to france and its people. There are 65.7 million people in france. France has about 730,000 farms and 7 percent of its work force is agriculture. France mines coal, iron and other ores and distructs its natural envirment. Fance contains 2.613 trillion in gross domestic product and 39,771.84 gdp per capita. Frances currency is the euro. The exchange rate from euro to american money is 1.36 in us dollars. Major economic activities in france are its work force and social relations. A famous brand of the country is louis vuitton, loreal, and chanel. Frances language is french. Major religions in France include the Catholic Church, Islam, various Protestant churches, Hinduism, Judaism, Russian ,orthodoxy ,Armenian Christianity, and Sikhism but france is a country of freedom of religion.

Frances major landforms are the Alps, the Pyrenees, the Jura Mountains, Massif Central, and Gorges du Verdon. Fance is famous for its wine , cheese ,and its chocolate. France is located west of italy and north of spain and on the continent europe.


Italy is constitutional republic and Giorgio Napolitano is the president. Italy has a limited government and italy is part of the european union. Governments concerns are political and budget disputes .

A political event that has happened is that berlusconi had commited tax fraud and caused him to loose immunity from arrest. Some historical sites from italy are the colosium and the pantheom. 61.321 million people live and work in italy. 23 percent of italy's land is arable and good for farming. Italys agriculture consist of grains , wine, fruit ,vegstables, grapes , and potatoes. Italys gpd is 2.013 trillion and the gdp per capita is 33,048.75. Italys currency is the euro and is 1.36 in american dollars in us money. Famous brands from italy are gucci and ferrari. Italys language is italian and its major religion is catholictism.


Greeces government is constitutional republic. Its currency is the euro and the exchange rate to american money is 1.36. Itnis located on the continent europe. Greeces official language is greek. Greeces president is karolos papoulias the goverment is limited and greece is part of the european union. Greeces and governments concerns are recesssion and its depts. A Famouse site in greece are the acropolis ruins and temples.

Greeces gdp is 249.1 million and per capita is 22,082.89. 20 percent of greeces land is arable. Its agriculture is wheat, corn, barley, sugar beets, olives, tomatoes, wine, tobacco, potatoes; beef, dairy products. Greeces major religion is Greek orthadoxy