Tech Rules for Parents

By:Gurpreet Kang#197p

Top 10 technology Rules for parents

Rule #1

Do not text and drive because texting increases the chance of you getting involved in a car accident by 25%,because you are more focused on talking with your friend then on the road.
Texting While Driving

Rule #2

Monitor what your child is doing online,because they could be doing things they should not be doing.Such as giving personal information like credit card numbers,telephone numbers, and other personal info.

Rule #3

Make sure you know your child's password for everything they use so if they do something or share any of there personal info.They will be hacked!!! If they do something inappropriate then you can talk with them.

Rule #4

What you do online stays online!!! So be careful what you say online think before you do something!!! If your child or you cyber bully someone you will be charged,or sent to jail, this will follow you your whole life.

Rule #5

Do not put computers in kids bedrooms, it can lead to cyber bullying,hacking,and your child may start getting mad grades in school because they have add no sleep. During the whole night they were just playing video games.

Rule #5

Don’t share photos of yourself with anyone online, because once they are, ‘out there’ you cannot control them anymore.You will not be able to know who has seeded them. If someone makes you uncomfortable by asking for photos or other personal info. Tell your parents, right away if the issue gets to big then contact the police.

Rule #6

Check with your parents before do something on your computer. Like downloading things your computer can crash and you may put your family’s privacy at risk. When you download something it can also delete something or make some changes to your computer.

Rule #7

If you have a web camera and you have used it during the day like for Skype,face time and e.t.c make sure you unplug it before you go to sleep or put a sticky note on top of it.If you do not do this then someone could hack your web camera and see you what you do in your room.

Rule #8

Make sure you tell you and your family go over the technology rules before you go on the computer because you might do something bad which would cause you the police to come to your house and other issues.

Rule #9

Do not let your child go into chat rooms because that is where bullying is mostly found.
They midght call your child names or another person make sure you tech your child to print any bullying things right away and inform to you {Parent}.

Rule #10

Do not give your child mobile devices because they can cheat on tests!

There is a link above to some other tech rules that I did not measion in my flyer.