Then, Now, & Future


- The first computer was released in 1946 under the name of the Eniac 1946. The Altair 8000 was the first personal computer and was released in 1975.

- The old computers were HUGE, and the computers were very noisy

- There was no such thing as the internet.

- The graphics on the computer were much different than what we have today.

- Unfortunately, there was not a mouse for the computers, you would have to type in each function for the computer.


- Our most visited sites are sites like Google, Youtube, Amazon, Wikipedia.

- We are all connected by Social Media. Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Facebook, etc.

- Some of the most popular brands of computers people own are Mac and Dell.

- We use wifi to stay connected.

- Our computers can not only go online, but our phones, tablets, and other devices can surf the web as well.

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- Technology will have not just impacted the computer, it will have impacted everything.

- Sooner or later we will have things like, glass tablets, be able to watch tv and look at the weather on our bathroom mirrors, or have 3D projection from our smartphones, and so on.

- The lightweight and durable glass could be used for education or work as a great learning tool.

- The all weather resistant glass could be used for traffic signals and map directions.

- The future has a lot in store for us.