George Caleb Bingham

Here all about him!

Early life and Edgacation

During the civel war he sided with the union first he served as a capten in the U.S. volunteer reserve corps. Then he worked as a state treasurer in provisional goverment in Jefferson City from 1862 to 1865.

Interesting facts

At the end of his life Bingham became the first profeser at the univercity of missori. Bingham did not just paint he also he also ran for office and served in both elected and appointed postions during his life time. In 1846 he was elected by a narrow margen to the missori legislative.

Other information

Gorge caleb Bingham was the second of seven children. He was born March 20 1811 in Augusta county, Virjinia. He died July 7, 18 76 only 68 years old.

What is he most rememberd for

He is remimberd for his great and most popular paintings.And the paintings are known as the missori artist for there real life looking on the frontier look .

Major struggles

When Gorge was seven they lost there land. Homeless Gorge left Virgina with his parentsS, siblings and his grandmother and there slaves.Shortlie after his father died from malairiea and his mother was left to pay many unpayed bills.