2nd Grade Scoop



Thanksgiving break is November 23-27!

Celebration of the Arts

We are so excited to celebrate the arts at the Southlake Barnes and Noble. This will be a 2 day event this year happening on December 4th and 5th. Please take a look at the flyer that has all of the details. We are especially excited that our 2nd grade musical instrument PBL from science will be highlighted.



We have sent home our 2nd READO card this week. We hope that you will take advantage of this Thanksgiving break and read and fill out your card! I challenge you to get a blackout over the break and get a charm when you return!
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This week in mathematics, students used doubles to add and subtract which is a very important strategy in second grade. A cool idea to do at home is to practice with money. They can use quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies to model using doubles with two-digit numbers. For example, your child can select four dimes and 2 pennies, and can double four dimes that are 8- that’s 80. Double 2 is 4 pennies, and then, your child can add the dimes and pennies, which is 84 cents. After Thanksgiving break, we’re going to work with time. Look below for an idea.

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This week in Science, we have designed our field day game. We have completed a sketch, along with the rules and objectives of how to play the game. We presented our games today, and they have been uploaded into Seesaw. Check it out!

Moon Observations

Don't forget that next week, we will be discussing the phases of the moon. Take time this week to observe the moons phases and write it down on your child's chart. This will give them some background knowledge and help them with their learning.
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Readers and Writers Workshop

This week was the final week studying the author Vera B. Williams. We concluded our study with continuing to practice our reading responses, using the 2nd grade reading response rubric. We also ended with a celebration of what we learned about Vera B. Williams and her work.

Social Studies

This week we took what we studied about the first Thanksgiving, and we went on to discuss the importance of Thanksgiving as a national holiday here in the United States. We shared how the holiday is celebrated across the country as well as reasons for why there are people who do not celebrate this holiday.