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Happy New Year

We had a terrific year and look forward to our 9th annual festival this fall

We are making plans for the annual spring fundraiser. It's going to be a great celebration, so be sure and save the date, Thursday, April 9th. We don't want to give the theme away just yet but here are a few hints.

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Anita Ekberg dies

Remember the famous Trevi Fountain scene with Ekberg and her co-star Marcello Mastroianni in Fellini's La Dolce Vita? Romantic? Wild abandon? How about freezing cold?

The fountain scene was shot on a chilly March morning in central Rome. "I was freezing,'' said Ekberg of the scene. "They had to lift me out of the water because I couldn't feel my legs anymore."

Director Fellini claimed that Mastroianni, was wearing a wetsuit under his clothes, yet he needed an entire bottle of vodka to get through the scene. The fountain scene may have taken all that much longer to get through because Mastroianni fell over drunk in the freezing water more than once.

Nuovo Cinema Italiano Film Festival

The Nuovo Cinema Italiano Film Festival was established in 2006 in Charleston, S.C., a cultural center of the southeastern United States and home to Spoleto Festival USA. The Nuovo Cinema Italiano Film Festival strives to inform and entertain by presenting important new works of Italian cinema and casting a critical eye on Italian culture. Our mission is to showcase the best in contemporary Italian cinema, giving filmmakers an opportunity to shine and audiences a chance to see past the familiar sites and into the heart of Italy.


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