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December 9, 2021

LOUD LIBRARIANS LEAD! | November Vlog with Kayla Klein (Black Hills Reads) and Thea Teasley-Whiting (Custer County Library)

Your library can take part in a statewide reading event that promotes reading in all communities! Find out how to signup as a library and report your community's numbers. It's also a great way to learn some fun ways to celebrate by hosting a Race to Read event.

Kayla Klein leads the Black Hills Reads initiative under the United Way umbrella, which is a Campaign for Grade Level Reading initiative. Kayla has always had a passion of early childhood education. She has dedicated the last 15 years of her career to advancing the professionals that work with her and status of early childhood education in the state of South Dakota. This passion is only topped by her passion for her family, which includes her husband Matt Klein and two young and spunky boys Desmond (9) and Lincoln (5). Their little family of 4 LOVES to do anything outdoors: bike riding, skiing, hiking, camping, you name it! The family motto is, "Good recreation is everywhere, you just need the right clothing!" Kayla’s boys have been skiing since they were each 2, and Desmond plans to start on the ski team this year. Kayla and her family also have a passion for playing games and, of course, reading! Currently Desmond is reading the Harry Potter series, and Lincoln is in love with anything involving dinosaurs or sharks.

Thea Teasley-Whiting has been working at the Custer County Library for 3 years, and she loves her job. Her job mainly involves programming and circulation. She recently got married to her wonderful husband Clancy and added a beautiful 10-year-old bonus daughter to her family. She's the oldest of 5 daughters. She was homeschooled as a kid, and her parents really nurtured her love for reading. Thea says, "It’s a very rewarding feeling to get to use my love for books and bringing people in my community together every day."

LOUD LIBRARIANS LEAD! November 2021 with Kayla and Thea!

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