No Cell Tower at Wootton

Attend the meeting on May 20, 7 PM at Wootton Media Center to say "NO" to cell tower

Potential Health and Safety Issues Associated with Cell Towers

Professor Litovitz of Catholic University, Professor Martin Blank of Columbia University, Professor Reba Goodman of Columbia University and many other scientists have reported adverse health effects (headaches, dizziness, fatigue, insomnia, leukemia and other cancers) from electromagnetic radiation at levels well below the FCC guidelines. The National Research Council (2008) has called for additional studies on the long-term health effects of exposure to cell towers and has recommended the form that such studies should take. Many other countries and some jurisdictions in the U.S. have prohibited cell antennas and towers near schools due to these health and safety concerns. In the case of Wootton, potential health and safety issues are especially important not only because of the exposure to our children attending Wootton, the staff who are employed there and the families with homes surrounding the school property, but in view of the proximity of the proposed tower to the adjacent Robert Frost Middle School and its community.

Negative Impact on Home Values of Residential Neighborhood

Placement of a 100-foot tower on the Wootton campus would destroy the character of the established residential neighborhood that surrounds the campus. The goal of Montgomery County zoning laws that pertain to the location of telecommunication facilities (Zoning Text Amendment 95028) is to encourage the placement of antennas and towers at less intrusive sites, such as on industrial and commercial lands. Erecting a tower in the middle of a neighborhood of single-family homes and townhouses is counter to the spirit of county zoning laws. In addition, the impact on property values that would likely result from an unsightly and potentially hazardous cell tower is unfair to the many homeowners who invested in the neighborhood precisely because of its current character.

School Is a Place to Learn, Not a Place to Generate Revenue

Other than as a source of funding there is no link between the cell tower and the educational mandate of MCPS. Wootton High School would be leasing public property solely to generate revenue. Pursuing such options distracts school officials from their mission to provide high quality education to the children of Montgomery County and moves them into the arena of making money for the school. As parents, residents and taxpayers in Montgomery County, we continue to provide funding to our public school system in the form of income taxes, property taxes and voluntary contributions. We do not want our public schools to be raising funds by renting land to commercial enterprises.