Prisoners Other Than Jews

5 million forgotten By: Jordyn Hendrix


During the Holocaust about eleven million victims were killed. five million of those were jews. the mainly arrested people who critizied the jews. They mostly arrested people who critived the jews. The five million included gypsies, communist, christians, homosexuals, and polish non-jews. They didnt start areesting jewws till late 1938.


Gypsies were singled out by the Nazie for racial persecution, and were put in to ghettos with the jews. fro a while there was a gypsie cam in Auschuitz, but it was gone by august 6, 1944. The women were forced to work for the Nazis physicians. Other were shipped to german factories as slave labor, and the rest were gased. killing the jews was easier than killing the gypsies. They would run, cry out, and hide in ditches. There was about 200,000 Gypsy victims in the Holocaust.


About 500,00 homosexuals died during the holocaust. In Germany homosexuality was considered a crime. In the camp the wore pink triangles and were called "doll boys" . They were abused badly and only allowed to talk to only eachother. They had to sleep with the lights on and there hands above their blanket. Camp Officals thought it was a great sport to tease and torture the homosexuals. the were only allowed to work in clay pits.

polish non-jews

Polish non-jews were considered racially inferior. The Nazis shot thiusand of polosh people. the males were forced to do factory labor. Between 1939-1945 at least 1.5 million polish citizend were shipped to Germany for froced labor. Others were put into camps. Germany killed at least 1.9 million polish non jews during the Holocaust.

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