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May 9-13, 2016

My Favorite Teacher | Man On The Street

from Brady Quirk-

Principals & Assistant Principals – Congratulations on completing the first full evaluation cycle with a new process and a new software platform! Your diligence in implementing a process based around growth mindset has been extremely appreciated. While there have been some glitches with TOWER, I hope you agree we have made huge strides in the areas of performance evaluation and feedback.

TOWER will go down in early June until late July, during which time we can request tweaks to the platform. A couple of TOWER-related items remain that require your feedback - please take a few minutes to complete this three-question survey prior to Job Alike meetings, when we will share results. I have a list of minor changes to request based on your input throughout the year, so if we have communicated individually about this, no need to repeat your feedback on the open-ended question #3.

TOWER Feedback from Building Leaders

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from J-

There are certain roles/positions in the district that, due to funding/budget sources and when student support is needed, are the last to be settled. Many of the Title positions fall in this category, as well as paraprofessionals. With Title, some coaching roles will be filled by specialists, opening specialists to be filled potentially classroom teachers. Your patience during the domino effect and support of individuals seeking to grow in these opportunities is greatly appreciated.

Concerning paraprofessionals, that shuffle will continue to be more of a Beginning of the School Year shuffle. Based upon so many factors that can't be accounted for as we end the year, it isn't prudent to make placement decision yet. Many paras also move into other opportunities. Please share the message that unless and/or until they hear otherwise, or have resigned/retired/taken another position, paraprofessionals will return to their assigned classroom/school where they are ending this school year.

I will be out and about visiting various sites based upon end-of-year activities and needs. Please let me know if you would like me to head your direction.

Have a great last full week of school!

Senior Leadership Team

Wednesday, May 11th, 9:30am

1359 East Saint Louis Street

Springfield, MO

Elementary Leadership Team will follow immediately after SLT. Lunch will be provided.
Celebrating 15 Years of Partnership in Comp Literacy!

Jennifer Richardson reflects on our district's fifteen years of literacy programming, modeling and implementation.

from the Mayor-

A new MSU/SPS cohort that results in a masters of education in educational administration (elementary and secondary principal) will begin this fall. Please be thinking of teachers that might be suited for school leadership. An informative flyer will be coming your way this week.

For the elementary job-alike next Wednesday, tentative agenda items include: (1) literacy practice, (2) Delta Team selection, (3) Tower feedback, (4) Information Technology updates, (5) Explore! updates, and (6) general updates from J.

We asked Delta Team to provide feedback on the Writing Instructional Configuration (IC). Using their feedback, the literacy team will revise the instrument. We have scheduled two voluntary writing IC trainings, one for Wednesday, July 27 from 1:00 – 2:30 at the Rosanne Bentley Administrative Center, Room 150 and one for Wednesday, August 31 from 4:15 – 5:45 at KAC, Meeting Room A. More information about how to sign up for either training should come to you next week.

The coolest grown-up I ever knew: My teacher

A great reflection as we end Teacher Appreciation Week...appreciation for that special teacher never ends-

NSBA Attendance Party

Tuesday, May 10th, 5pm

Empire Fairground EPlex

A reminder of the NorthSide Betterment Association Attendance Party. Principals (or your designee), please arrive by 5:00pm to grab some food and instructions to be ready for the 5:30 registration. This is always a great event for the 14 schools that are part of NSBA. Your support is appreciated!