By Noelle Hoehn, 2/14/13, 7th period

Renewable or non Renewable?

Uranium is a non renewable resource because our earths surface could technically run out of this substance.

Where is it Found or is it Produced With Technology in a Factory?

Uranium is found almost every where in the earths surface, for there is an abundant amount of it. Uranium is mined out of the ground. How ever the uranium, along with many other rare elements are used as fuels for nuclear reactors.

How does it produce energy?

The nucleus of the U-235 atom comprises 92 protons and 143 neutrons (92 + 143 = 235). When the nucleus of a U-235 atom captures a moving neutron it splits in two (fissions) and releases some energy in the form of heat, also two or three additional neutrons are thrown off. If enough of these expelled neutrons cause the nuclei of other U-235 atoms to split, releasing further neutrons, a fission 'chain reaction' can be achieved. When this happens over and over again, many millions of times, a very large amount of heat is produced from a relatively small amount of uranium.

what Are The Uses For This Energy?

Nuclear power has numerous uses ranging from powering space probes to powering homes. A very little amout can power a lot of things at one time.

Are There Products Created Through the Use of This Energy Source?

The heat produced by a nuclear reactor can be harnessed using flowing water. The fission heats the water, which then goes on to create steam that can be used to turn turbines and generators, creating electricity that is fed into the power grid and eventually to consumers. In other words the energy that is produced can contribute to the making of everyday products by providing electricity.

Who Uses It?

Thirty countries use nuclear power to generate some of their electricity. The United States produces the most nuclear energy- 798.7 billion kilowatts an hour. Each of the countries that uses this type of energy uses it for different things. For instance some places use it for creating bombs while others use it to simply heat our houses.

What Is The Cost Benifit To Using This Energy?

For uranium the cost is very high and it is not very cheap.It costs between three and five billion dollars just to build a nuclear power plant. Maintenance and operating costs are also be high because lots of money must be spent on safety systems in case something goes wrong.

What Is The Environmental Impact?

Uranium/nuclear energy does not produce any fumes into the atmosphere, however if an accident was to occur, entire ecosystems could be distroyed.

What Are The Advantages?

Nuclear energy doesnt produce any fumes that go into the atmosphere. This decreases the chance of acid rain. In addition uranium, the substance used to make nuclear energy can be found anywhwere and there is a very aboundant amout of it.