Coretta Scott King

Civil Rights Activist , Women's Rights Activist.

Early Life

Ms. Coretta Scott was born on April 27,1927 in Marion Alabama, she attended Lincoln high school. She graduated as the school's Valedictorian in 1945. Coretta attended Antioch college in Yellow Springs, Ohio she got her Bachelor degree. Coretta moved to Boston and got her second college degree, and she met her husband Martin Luther King Jr. They got married in the year of 1953 and moved to Montgomery Alabama.

Coretta Civil Rights movement

I personally think Coretta Scott was inspired by her husband Martin Luther King. She fought by his side and participated in the speeches and movements her husband organized.

Important Dates

June 1968: Coretta Scott King spoke at poor peoples campaign in Washington D.C

In 1962: Scott King’s interest in disarmament efforts took her to Geneva, Switzerland, where she served as a Women’s Strike for Peace delegate to the 17-nation Disarmament Conference.

She died on January 30, 2006,

Legacy Left Behind

The legacy left by Coretta Scott KIng she shows that any women can do as much as a man, she followed their dreams and accomplish them. She fought and protested by her husband's side. She showed me that you have to stand for whats right.


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