Culture Of Rome

Roman Citizenship Law And Justice

People Who Follow The Law Are Allowed

People Who Follow All The Laws Are Able To

Have Citizens Rights

Able to vote

Have official offices

Own property and write contracts

Go to court

We Still Have These Rights In The U.S

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Gender Rights

Male Citizens Have All Rights While Woman Only Have Limited Rights

Slaves Have No Rights And Have A Small Chance Of Freedom.Freemen Were Slaves Who Were Freed,Freemen Have A Little Bit Of Right,Now In America Most People Have All Citizen Rights Unlike Back Then In Rome.In Rome If You Were Born There You Would Automatically Be A Citizen,But If You Were A Girl You Would Still Get Limited Rights.Now In The U.S. If You Are Born Here You Would Get All Citizens Rights No Matter The Gender

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Inheritance And Contracts

Back In Ancient Rome They Had Inheritence,Inheritence Is What A Member Of A Family Gets When Another Member Dies.People Also Had Contracts Between Each Other Forcing Them To Do What Says In The Contract.In The U.S We Still Have People Who Do Contracts Between Each Other,Some Examples Are Renting A House,When You Rent A House You Sign A Contract With The Landlord,And We Still Have Have People Who Make Wills Before They Die So Their Stuff Goes To A Specific Person.
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Punishments For Crimes

Fines-For Fines You Need To Pay Money,In The U.S. We Still Have Fines,In The U.S. If You Drive Really Fast You Get A Speeding Ticket Which Is A Fine

In Ancient Rome,Romans Gave Out Beatings,But Now In The U.S Police Dont Give Beatings,Now Polices Put Criminals In Jail Instead Of Beatings.

Sometimes They Banished Some People,Now In The U.S. Some People Could Get Banned From Countries,Which Is Almost The Same Thing As Getting Banished.

Another Punishment Is Slavery.The U.S. Doesnt Have Slavery As A Punishment Anymore.

People Get Executed If Guilty Of Treason,You Could Get Still Get Killed For Treason,The Punishment Is More Than 5 Years Of Prison Or Execution And A Fine Of 10,000 Dollars.

Patricide Also Known As Killing Your Father,They Drown You As The Punishment.In The U.S. Now If You Kill Your Father It Would Be Considered Murder And You Will Go To Jail As The Punishment

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