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Mutual of Omaha TV Commercial, 'Aha Moment Jude'

My Challenge to You

Take a few seconds to watch the above commercial. What was your "aha moment" from the commercial? Mine was the reminder of how taking a minute to just show the smallest sign of respect can make all the difference in the world for someone else. I am sure you are wondering, "Why are you talking about this Mann?"

During this time of year it is really easy to be short with our kids and with each other. It is May. It is the 6th six weeks... in fact the 3 week grading period is over and grades are due tomorrow! The end of the school year is near... we can almost smell the sun screen and hear the water splash in the background! This is the time of year to show the most respect...even when it is not always earned by others.

Patience and respect for others will get you through May 29... the "Official Last Day of School" for us. Yes, students know our expectations. Yes, they need to be held accountable for their actions. Yes, things are going to happen. We know this. Just don't forget to do what is right and treat others with respect... even if they are not showing it to you.

By showing someone patience and respect when they seem to be lacking in both of those you are showing them how they should be at that moment. Even though it may not set in at that time, they will realize that you treated them they way they aught to be treated instead of how they were acting. That is what makes all the difference in the world when it comes to building relationships.

Think. Achieve. Succeed.


This week is Teacher Appreciation Week

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Thank you for all that you do for the Students & Families of Oakwood Intermedaite


Week at a Glance

Monday: MSTAR Testing; Progress Report Grades Due 4:00pm

Tuesday: MSTAR Testing;CSISD Writing Project Day #1; Chess Tournament; Cheetah Living Museum

Wednesday: MSTAR Testing;Success Team (Mann & Ramirez); Chess Tournament; Library Author Visit

Thursday: MSTAR Testing; Grade 6-8 District Science Meetings; Talent Show Auditiond (after school); 6th Grade Choir Concert 7:30pm AMCHS Auditorium.

Friday: MSTAR Testing; AVID Field Trip; Happy Friday