Pride And Prejudice Multi- Project

English IV Hr. 4

Love Poems

Kevin Bruce

English IV

Mrs. Dearman

14 November 2013

Love Poems

Love is not Blind

Love is not blind to the time which is now ,

How can I feel so warm but so cold

From the sting of rejection, that she has dealt me

But yet I come back for look at those eyes

That look like Diamonds in an endless sea.

Her knowledge is as deep as the Mariana Trench.

Love is blind not because of the dem

But from the beauty of the her faces.

Love is great its the greats of Faith, Hope and Love

The ones that are truly Blind are the ones that do not see love.

A Strong Heart

A strong heart is thought to be impervious to emotion,

But the heart is not impervious to emotion it let it in.

The heart reflects one's true thoughtful self .

He how lives by his heart has true strength.

The person who lets his heart guide his path,

Is the one who has been through hardships.

These are the people that have that true strength.

Those that are not do not judge those around them,

They are strong of heart.

But the heart is strongest because of love.

Evaluation of the Pride and Prejudice

Kevin Bruce

English IV hr4

Mrs. Dearman

14November 2013

Evaluation of the Pride and Prejudice

In the modern Senior English class there are many books that we have to read that we do not wish to so. Then there are others that captivate the to read them like Count of Monte Cristo, Divergent,and even Pride and Prejudice. I am evaluating Pride and Prejudice Romantic novel, because I think that any reader would enjoy reading this book, all though it starts out slow, the reader immediately get involved in the story.

Pride and Prejudice is great story, but it is not a perfect novel. Like most literary works this has its strong and weak points. I found the novel provides the reader with questions of the readers judge of other people based on their “social class”. A prime example of a strong point in the story can be found in the letter set by Mr. Darcy to Elizabeth to tell her the truth about a deceitful man named Mr.Wickham found in chapter 35 of Pride and Prejudice. Another strong point of this story can be found in the description of Elizabeth and Darcy encounters with each other.There is really one weakness I found in this story and that is that the plot of the story moves a little to slow for my preference. If I could improve this book I would have made added two the ending of this story and provided epilogue what happens to Elizabeth and Darcy after the story ends.

My hope is that evaluation has peaked a readers interest in Pride and Prejudice. Although this novel is not without flough it is a great book to read especially if the reader is into Romantic novels.

Kevin Bruce

English IV hr. 4

Mrs. Dearman

14 November, 2013

Analysis of Relationship between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy

The relationship between these two characters is probably the most dynamic in this novel. The two had to go through many trials that tested their love for one another. It was this bond that brought them to each other and to their eventual marriage. In order to better understand this characters it is important that the origins of the two’s love started, as will as what the future of their relationship looks like.

The meeting of this two characters was done in the being of the book in chapter 3 during the ball, and meet periodically throughout the next few chapter engaging in short discussions.During the ball Elizabeth sees Darcy just standing there observing the other guests. Darcy danced with only two people Miss. Bingley and Mrs. Hurst .Darcy would spend the rest of the evening walk around occasionally talk to those in his own party. Elizabeth on the other hand did engage in dancing more so than Darcy.the reason why this to characters vary so much is because Darcy is very collective taciturn were as Elizabeth will seek her mind more openly than Darcy does, unless he can explain it.

Through this the novel both Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy have obstacles in their relationship. In Pride and Prejudice Elizabeth had to overcome her Prejudice of Mr. Darcy in the way he presents himself. Elizabeth has these feeling through chapter 34. These feelings are present until chapter 35 in which she receives a letter from Darcy. Darcy face Pride because of his social class, he is a rich man, with great amount of pride in his statues. It is not until the encounter with Elizabeth that he felt attracted to anyone.

Darcy and Elizabeth do get married toward the end of the story. They slow came to realize that they loved each other. When Elizabeth learned that Darcy paid for the marriage of Lydia and Mr. Wickham. She truly know he had change and were married shortly after Lydia and Mr. Wickham. Their relationship well stay strong no matter what the future brings.

The future of Mr.Darcy and Mrs. Darcy is a promising one. Elizabeth and Darcy would be able to endure through any hardship because there love has been tested before. The next 20 years of their life well be great .Their lives are are indeed looking up for the past.

Through this analysis Readers can see how the relationship of these two character. The analysis shows how the two meet. As well as how they went through trails in their lives. And after that they were married. The analysis stated above has shown how Darcy and Elizabeth are meant for each other.