Local News Update

By: Olivia Sullivan Period D

Is your Teen and their friends making the right decisions?

A group of teenager or just one tend to make daily decision without even thinking about them. For example not wearing a hemet or set beat, not using sun screen every day, and listening to loud music constantly. Did you know all of those choices can affect them later in life? Well they can!

By not wearing a seat belt that can higher the risk of their safely and everyone else's in the car. If they got in an accident, that person, not wearing the seat belt, could be the reason why they died or the reason why everyone else died.

Some people think that sun screen is not that big of a deal because they want to get tan and it just for a couple of hours. But what they do not think about is that they are putting their selves in risk for skin cancer and also the sun ages their body fast. And even if you don't go outside a lot you still have a risk of getting skin cancer, so it is important to wear sun screen at anytime you go outside.

Has any one ever told you to turn down your music because it to loud? If so, please listen to them. By listening to your music at a high volume can damage your hearing permanently. Hearing loss is not a good thing so make sure you turn down the volume.

Is Your teenager taking care of themselves properly?

Does you teenager know that to live a long life they need to take care of their body? During this stage in their life, this is where all of there eating habits will start and if they exercise enough or not. What you need to make sure is that they know is that what you do now, will affect your and your body in a good way or not so good way. For example, eating healthy and exercising properly now, will keep your body in shape and keep you healthy. Not just eat and exercising will keep you healthy, but also wearing sunscreen when going outside, not smoking or doing drugs, also keeping your body clean can help you live a long and healthy life.

Have you talked about safety measures to your teens?

One safety measure you could talk about is alcohol safety. It is important that you talk to them about what may happen if you drink to much and the consequences that make follow with them. Like you may drink so much, that your brain is telling you to do something that you may never do if you were not drinking.

Another safety measure would be is you teen wearing a helmet when ride a bike or skateboard? By putting on a helmet that can help prevent a major head injury that could occur if you fell of the bike. It is also important because if you hit your head head enough, you could have permanent head injury that could affect you in a way, that you don't want to be affected.