CASH Fifth Grade

"Little House on the Playground"

Upcoming Math Test

I have sent home a math practice test for chapter 8 that the students completed during class today. Although some of the students did well, others need to continue to work on the skill of adding and subtracting fractions. I asked the students to place the practice test and book in their backpack so you would have what you need to review with your child, if you wish.

Normally, we have the final chapter test the next day following the practice test. After reviewing the practice test and working with the students individually, I have decided to postpone the test until Thursday. I will spend tomorrow's class time to review. This will give you two nights to work with your child at home, if needed.

Your student is working hard! We have had several absences during the past two weeks as we have covered this challenging material. Reviewing at home may be helpful.

Please let me know if you have any questions.