Child Slavery in Africa

By: Savannah Reid and Tania Marquez


A Slave: "A person who has lost, or never had, his/her free will and is usually subjected to violent threats" (Greenhaven Press).

When one thinks of slavery, most people's minds goes back to the early 1800's, when white men used the atlantic slave trade and took people captive to work, to be slaves. Yet a lot of people forget about the millions of kids that were also effected and are being affected today. Although that happened centeries ago, slavery, and in particular to this project, african child slavery still occurs today.


Poverty is one of the main reasons for child labour in Africa. Too many people are without a job and are not working for money, therefore the families develop a low income. Children are chosen for slavery because they are paid much less than adults. Children are also more efficient in certain work areas than adults, such as, doing more tedious jobs that require smaller people.


According to the International Labour Organization children are working in dangerous conditions that are not suited for kids. They suffer emotionally, from nightmares to traumas, to physical abuse.

The effects of subjecting children unfit for jobs is ultimately dangerous in the end. They are away from their parents and family. They lack education, food, clothing, medical treatement, and supporting shelter.

The effects are harmful to the child in adulthood.


The topics of child labor is very controversal and in many cases, people seem to ignore the fact that this exists. But we feel that there are some things we can do to help the issue. One example is eliminating the use of mainly cocoa and chocolate products, because this seems to be documented as a main cause of child slavery in Africa. Putting more rules would be a great idea. We all know that a slave is subjected to what they are told to do, and in this case a child is to be obedient to their parent/owners, but making stricter laws and enforcing harsher punishent would probably cause a decrease in how parents think when they decide to put their child through all the traumas.


This topic is very serious and should not be taken easily. Just think of all the hardships the kids face eveeryday. Should this continue?

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