Cyber Bully

Causing harm over communication technologies.


"Cyberbullying" is when a child, preteen or teen is tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed or otherwise targeted by another child, preteen or teen using the Internet, or other technologies device to cause harm to anyone.

What affect does cyber bullying have on the person targeted?

The bully can be spreading information on the Internet for anyone to see and that can affect someone's social life, especially how other kids at school view them. It can also affect the person academically because their lack of confidence will prevent them from contributing and asking questions in class or in any other places.

Students from 6-8 grade.

18% - cyber-bullied at least once in the last couple months And 6% said it happened to them 2 or more times Girls are twice as likely as boys to be involved in cyber-bulling, as victim or perpetrator


  1. Nearly 42% of kids have been bullied online and almost one in four have had it happen more than once.
  2. Among this percentage, being ignored and disrespected were the most common forms of cyber bullying.
  3. Nine out of ten middle school students have had their feelings hurt online.
  4. About 75% have visited a Web site bashing another student.
  5. Four out of ten middle school students have had their password(s) stolen and changed by a bully who then locked them out of their own account or sent communications posing as them.
  6. About 21% of kids have received mean or threatening e-mails.


Cyber-bullied child suddenly withdraws from social activities, seeks to avoid contact with certain youths or suffers from anxiety-driven headaches or stomachaches before engaging in an activity with others.

Speaking up-

“My friend and i have 3 cyberbullies. They would would call us randomly on their phones and not leave us alone. They would also text us really mean and bad things, like they called us lezbians and something else really bad. Yesterday i was watching a movie and she called me 2 times and i said stop. Then she kept texting me so many mean things that i wanted to throw my phone against the wall. I told my mom and she called her. My mom told her that she wanted to talk to her parents and the girl hung up. After that the mean girls texted me, wow you can’t fight your own battles! Now my friends mom and my mom are doing anything they can to stop this. My mom is worried this is going to carry on into middle school.” - - 11-year-old from Michigan

Help us out-

Is someone you know being bullied over communication technologies or struggling yourself because of someone you don't know about? Well, we are trying to enforce a new law to help kids, preteens, teens and also adults who are being bullied, live better and also feel more comfortable somewhere else other then home. How do we do that? Well we are getting support for those who are in need or haven't speak up for themselves. We are wanting to put a "cyber bully" buttons on most websites and also enforced the law in most countries. It is very hard, but that is why we are asking parents, also people who have seen a cyber bully over a web page or any communication technologies, people who want cyber bully to stop and also people who have experience a cyber bully problem, to speak up and support us. If this cyber bully button get publish and the law get enforced, many kids will be able to feel more comfortable about there safety and live a better life. Please speak up for yourself and others! We need your supports! Thank you!