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Don't let this page overwhelm you - I'm putting all of my favorite APCS resources together in one place - you pick what works best for your learning style!

The way you master the APCS Exam is to work on it each day - even if you just have 10-15 minutes to review. Coding is fun! Enjoy!

APCS Resources

The 2017 APCS A exam is May 2nd 8 a.m. (your home school will tell you the location)

40 M/C Questions & 4 Short Handwritten Programs

Yes I said HANDWRITTEN so be sure you write clearly.

The following resources are helpful for AP review -- you need to start studying now!

Released APCS FREE RESPONSE Questions (note: Gridworld ?s are no longer tested)

*Note you can answer FR questions different ways. Compare the solutions from Mr. Horn's APCS FR Website & Skilit Publishing - you may not understand one solution but another might be more easily readable.

Mr. Horn's APCS FR Solutions - has all prior exam questions (includes links to the tests)

Mr. Horn's APCS M/C Solutions are also on this site look at tab for APCS Exam Answers

Skylit Publishing APCS FR Solutions -has all prior exam questions

2016 FR Video Solutions

2015 FR Video Solutions

2014 FR Video Solutions 1A, 1B, 3, 4,

Albert.io for practice questions (make free account)

Free Online Courses

Video Tutorials

Practice Sites

Fun/Unique Ways to learn CS concepts or just geek out

Binary Game

40 Key Computer Science Concepts Explained in Layman's Terms

Computational Fairy tales

Java Life

Sheldon's Friendship Algorithm

Insertion Sort with playing cards Harvard CS50 Insertion Sort Explained

Selection Sort with playing cards Harvard CS50 Selection Sort Explained

Merge Sort with playing cards Harvard CS50 Merge Sort Exlpained

A website that shows the sorts in action

Recursion in action

Recursion Dr. Seuss Style

Recursion: see Recursion

Let's sing about Recursion

If statements Song - by Codeplay

Boolean Logic with Dwight Schrute

Arrays Song

The Computer Programmer Song

Object Oriented Programming Song

Still Haven't found the Bug I'm looking for Song

Dissecting a laptop