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March 27, 2020

A Message from Mrs. Nanney

Sometimes I wish I were able to wax more poetically about my thoughts and feelings during such trying times.....but honestly, from the heart, I simply want everyone to know that I am thinking of and praying for you, your families, and friends. Thank you to our community members who continue to go to work to assist, protect, serve, and heal us. Thank you to those of you reaching out to neighbors and strangers, lending a helping hand where you can. Thank you to those who have changed the way you work and parent so our children are safe at home. Thank you to those who are helping watch other's children so they can provide essential services to the rest of us. Right now, patience is key. It is important to be patient with our children, other and ourselves. It is okay to not always have the answers; it is okay to not be okay; it's okay to be nervous and scared and anxiious. And it is okay to take time to breathe or take a nap or walk or just be. It's fine if the kids watch more TV than usual or need to cuddle or get an extra story or two at bedtime. It's more than okay and normal to figure things out as we navigate these uncharted waters. Sometimes we have to adjust our sails or roll with the tide. We do what we need to stay afloat and keep from capsizing. Some days we barely keep our head above water and others are smooth sailing. So as we continue on this journey, I wish well-being, peace and patience to all of you.


District Technology Survey link below; please fill out if you need to borrow a Chromebook.

Click on the PDF below for written directions on how to join a Google Classroom as well as how to find out your student's email name and password.

Click on link below for directions on how to access Google Classroom

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School Counselor Scoop

Hello families! I hope you all are taking care of yourselves and each other! Parents, I have included a few links below for support in talking to your children during this time. I so miss seeing the beautiful, smiling faces of the students every day and interactions with our wonderful parents and staff (and why I wanted to send a quick video to say hello!).


I know we are officially beginning our spring break. Hopefully you all have been able to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. I will be reaching out to students and families soon on the 30th regarding our lessons for guidance for March and April--see more info coming soon.

Until then, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Nanney or myself if you need anything while we are out of school!


Meg Cunningham

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Remote Learning with Technology

Should students need to continue to learn remotely past April 6th, it will be necessary for students and families to be able to use several apps and services. Within Google Classroom, teachers may add links for Zoom videos and Flipgrid videos. They may also send an invitation to students to join them for a video conference via Zoom. Below you will find two instructional videos on how to begin using the Zoom and Flipgrid apps.

I want to hopefully reassure everyone, that we, as educators, are learning new ways to instruct, assess, and work with students in what has quickly become a new educational format. We will make every effort to help families however we can in order to navigate these "new waters" together without anyone feeling like they are drowning. We are here to throw you a lifeline and assist in any way we can. Please reach out to me for anything you may need by using my cell phone listed at the bottom of this newsletter.

Zoom for Kids: How to Set Up the Zoom App for Students and Parents
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Coming Soon!! Mrs. Nanney's Google Classroom!!

All students are invited to join Mrs. Nanney's Google Classroom starting Monday, March 30, to find fun math games, videos of science activities, as well as videos of Mrs. Nanney reading some of her favorite books. Just use the code qlqegw3 to join!! Hopefully there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Principal's Contact Information

Below you will find my personal cell phone number. Please do not hesitate to contact me if there is an emergency situation and you are unable to reach Westwood or West Geauga offices. Please use it for phone calls only (opposed to texting). Also please respect that this is my personal number and do not give it out to children or non-Westwood family members.

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