Together in Education Family Update

March 29-April 1

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Order your ready-to-plant garden or gift one to someone else! Planting season is coming : )

Dear Lancaster Families

Spring brings with it a sense of hope and renewal that is very much needed as we recognize the cognitive and emotional ups and downs that this last year has brought for all of us. We welcome the longer days and sunshine ahead as we jump into April!

Many of our Lancaster students will be taking part in a project in partnership with one of our community members, Brian Melady, to help create his next fence project with the theme of HOPE. We have had some intermediate students create a mini session to share with other classes to help explain the project and brainstorm ideas with students to help them make personal connections to what hope means to them. Look for student-created signs to start filling the fence over the next few weeks.

Earlier this week information about Plantables was sent out to families, please do consider placing an order for your or giving one as a gift. Orders go out every week, right to your door and ready to plant. Money raised will go towards student-focused experiences and initiatives that help make days brighter at Lancaster - outdoor yard equipment, specialized paint, items for cruise week, etc. Lancaster has scheduled a repainting of our pavement games in the fall of 2021 after our roof work has been completed.

Tomorrow we celebrate neurodiversity and autism acceptance with multicolor day. Pick a favourite colour or put on a little splash of everything! In this newsletter we have also included a very useful resource for educators and parents recently developed by KidsInclusive to help support the development of children in a multitude of areas - strategies that are useful for many different neurotypes! See also an opportunity for families to register and take part (as individuals or as a family) in the Limestone Race Weekend.

We hope all of our families were able to share some time together this weekend, head outside, finish up (or start) a job around the house, and perhaps just "be". Looking forward to seeing our Lions tomorrow and enjoying the week ahead!

Ms. Fox, Ms. O'Hearn and your Lancaster Team

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Kid's Inclusive Resource for Educators and Parents

This site was created in collaboration between Occupational Therapists at KidsInclusive, Student Occupational Therapists at Queen's University, and Educational Services Staff at the Limestone District School Board. This project came out of a recognized need for staff and families to have access to information and strategies prior to considering an OT referral. The time between making a referral and receiving services can be quite long. Not every referral meets the criteria for OT services. An assessment would be completed to determine eligibility for OT services. We hope you find this site helpful in exploring some of these strategies.

Daily Screening and What to Do

We remind everyone of the importance of daily Covid screening and to keep children home even if they are experiencing ONE of the symptoms of Covid. Siblings also need to remain at home as per KFL&A guidelines. With VOC on the rise, it is critical that we follow these steps. There have been cases popping up in other schools and so far, we have been fortunate that our safety diligence has paid off. We want to keep our classrooms and our school open, so please follow the below guidelines. We understand that it can be an inconvenience, however, the consequence of not following guidelines will be an even greater hardship. We are SO thankful for everyone's grace and understanding as we continue to navigate challenging times. Staff and their families are required to follow the same guidelines. We really are in this together.

Here are the guidelines from KFL&A which can also be found HERE.

**If they have any symptom(s), a COVID-19 test is recommended. Your child/student must stay home and self-isolate until:

• They receive a negative COVID-19 test result, or

• They receive an alternative diagnosis by a health care professional, or

• It has been 10 days since their symptom onset.

LDSB does not require a doctor's note or negative Covid test for your child to return to class, as we trust that all families will follow guidelines and do their part in keeping everyone safe.


Students are invited to participate in voluntary asymptomatic testing (no symptoms) for COVID-19 during designated times. Families must book appointments for students using the assessment centre’s existing booking process (online or by telephone). Walk-ins are not permitted. Parent/guardian consent is required for testing of students under the age of 18. This testing is only for students, staff and bus drivers who DO NOT have COVID-19 symptoms. Anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 must self-isolate and get tested for COVID-19 at a Community Assessment Centre. Learn more and review the schedule for your student's school at
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The Kingston Road Runners Association (KRRA). The KRRA is the original running club in the Kingston area - active since 1981. We usually hold the largest event in our racing series with over 800 people competing in downtown Kingston at the end of April. This year all of the events will be virtual with the ability to run/walk/hike the distances anytime in the month of April. The Limestone Race Weekend has a 2K, 5K, 10K, 1/2 marathon & the Limestone Spring Challenge. The event is pleased to once again support Start2Finish, a Running & Reading Club for deserving elementary school children (currently in three local schools) & The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Kingston.

The Tom Compton Memorial Run which is usually a Kids 2K has been changed to an open event. There will be no age restrictions and we are hoping that children, families and grandparents might find the event a motivating reason to participate. The registration is only $10.00 and all finishers will receive a medal (April 16th registration deadline).

We are hopeful that the 2K event might fill a void for elementary students who are missing some of the regular sports. The longer distances might be of interest to older or high school students. Of course, all events are open to staff who might be up for a challenge. Please pass this along to any interested students, families, staff and coaches.

More information is found here at the website

Thank you for your time and for all that you do to support students in their education.


Tara Burggraf & Janet Shephard

Race Directors

Upcoming Dates:

  • April 5 ~ Easter Monday
  • April 6 ~ SPIRIT DAY: Multicolour Day to celebrate Neurodiversity and Autism Acceptance
  • April 12-16 ~ Spring Break Week
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Student Attendance

All Limestone schools have shifted to a new platform for internal use for attendance and reporting within school buildings. There is no change for parents and families - you will continue to use the School Messenger app to report your child's attendance. If you use the correct process you will not receive an attendance call. With the new system teachers cannot put a reason in for your child's absence - this must be reported by the parent by entering it into the system through School Messenger. There is no change to the protocol for parents but if you have been accustomed to sending in a note or email to explain an absence, rather than using the parent tool (School Messenger), you will receive an automated call-out regarding your child's absence. Informing your classroom teacher is still encouraged however parents must also enter the absence into School Messenger.
How to Report a Student Absence

This link will take you to information about how to report student absences.

Welcome to Kindergarten - A Message from LDSB Director of Education


LDSB online registration for 2021-2022 school year is now open. Register now for September 2021. Thank you for choosing LDSB. #SeeYourselfInLimestone
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KFL&A Public Health Immunization Announcement

KFL&A Public Health will be postponing the enforcement of the Immunization of School Pupils Act for this school year and will not implement suspension actions this spring. Nevertheless, we ask that parents report any required vaccine(s) that a student has already received by the proposed deadline of February 18th, 2021.

Students missing vaccines, can see their regular health care provider as soon as possible and then update their record with KFL&A Public Health.

Students without a health card or doctor can book an appointment to receive free vaccines at KFL&A Public Health clinics. Go to // to book an appointment.

We recognize this may be a stressful time however we encourage families to provide the requested information due to the heightened importance of protecting against vaccine preventable disease outbreaks in our school communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Accessing Communication Tools

Learn how to:

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Click here to see our virtual store for student clothing. More options coming soon!

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SORA Online Library

Students can access e-books and audiobooks using their LDSB login

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