Ethical Research Infographic

Amy Blevins

How to Gather Relevant Information from Print or Digital Sources

To find relevant information from a digital source, use credible sources from the Lakeview website such as Explora and The CIA World Factbook. If you need images, use Morguefile.

To find relevant information from an offline source, use the Mid-Continent Public Library.

How to Generate a Good Research Question

To generate a good research question, ask yourself what you need to find, why you need it, and where it is found. Remember that a good research question is clear, focused, complex, concise, or arguable question. The question that you come up with should be what all of your research is centered around.

Using Search Terms Effectively

To search effectively, use keywords that are specific, use part of a sentence (only if you are looking for an exact phrase), and narrow down your search. One way you can narrow down the search is by adjusting the lexile range. Another way to narrow the search down is to use advanced search. It allows you to type what you don't want, what other things to include, and what else might be of importance. Not all search engines allow you to do this.

How to Find a Credible Website

When you are on a website, use the author, the URL, sponsors, dates, and ads to judge whether or not the information of that source is reliable. If the URL ends in .gov, .edu, or .org, it is probably a more reliable source than one that ends in .com. Be sure to look for the author and sponsors. If they are listed, it is probably a credible source. If there are a lot of ads, it is probably not credible. Also, look for the date. A more recent date means it is newer information, and is more likely to be correct.

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the act of presenting the words, ideas, images, sounds, or the creative expressions of others as your own.

How to Avoid Plagiarism

Avoid plagiarism by citing your sources (attribution), paraphrasing, quoting, and summarizing.

MLA Citations

For an in-text citation, write the author's name in parenthesis at the end of the quote:

Human beings have been described as "symbol-using animals" (Burke 3).

To make a works cited page, put the authors' names in alphabetical order, and then use the picture below for each citation. You can also use websites like EasyBib to make a bibliography for you.

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