Banksmeadow PS Staff Bulletin

Term 2

WEEK 7 - 6th - 10th June

Hi everyone

I hope everyone has stayed dry this weekend! The perfect weekend to write reports!

* Poonam will be in on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday this week. Brooke will be taking her class on Tuesday and Friday.

* If you have any important dates to remind parents, or if you have any news stories about student achievement in extra curricular areas (e.g. debating, chess, etc) can you please email me a short blurb to include in the newsletter when they happen. This will enhance communication with our community and will also help to celebrate the achievements of all students.

* A reminder that our next School Development Day session will be held on Thursday in Week 8 (16th June) from 3:15-6:15pm. Carla from the PBL team will be coming to school to provide a refresher course. It will be relevant for all staff. If you are scheduled to work both the Monday and Tuesday at the end of the year then please ensure you are available to attend this session.

*Report Timeline

Friday 10th June - RFF reports to teachers/completed on ESR

Tuesday 14th June - Reports to supervisors

Thursday 30th June - Reports sent home

Monday 27th June - All Term 2 assessment data to be logged on ESR by now

Tuesday 26th July - Parent-Teacher Interviews

Reports will go to the following exec members:

Roxanne - Preschool Learning Journals, 1W, 6M

Annie - KT, 1/2S, 2S

Tina - K6WS, KB

Brendan - 3J, 4/5M, 5B

Liz - K6L, K6M, 3/4F


*Noni and Lina to LMBR launch all day

* Multicultural Public Speaking Finals


* TPL meeting @ 3:15pm in the Learning Space upstairs. Please bring a copy of the literacy continuum if you have one.

* Carol to Library Network Meeting

* Roxanne and Annie to Geography course

* Stage 3 to South Sydney High School Taster Lesson


* Exec Meeting @ 8:15am

* Roxanne to PEN conference


* Staff Meeting @ 8:15am

* Live Life Well @ School course @ school at 3:30pm