Captain Phillips' Pirates!

PLE Room 307

What's New?

I absolutely love children's books. Last weekend, Rhys and I went to Barnes and Noble and picked out some new favorites. I found some new books by my favorite author, Jon Klassen. If you are not familiar with his books, I highly recommend checking him out. These are wonderful books that will surely prompt some fun conversations with your child! These would also be wonderful books to read during the 20 minute reading time at home!

Reading logs were sent home in book bags on Monday. These reading logs should come back to school each day. Each time your child is reading independently, with a buddy, or being read to, remind him or her to record their reading on their reading logs.

PLEASE don't forget to share our Donor's Choose site with your friends and family members! These kiddos deserve these awesome chairs!


Unit 1 is all about addition and subtraction within 20. We are currently working on comparison story problems, where we compare how many items each person has and then write and/or solve the story problem. We have been talking a lot about paraphrasing the story problems before we solve them. This is a great skill to practice at home that will show whether or not your child actually understands what is being asked in the problem.

Reader's Workshop

One of our lessons this week was figuring out the lesson the author wants us to learn in a story. It was interesting to hear the students responses, as they did a great job identifying the lesson that the CHARACTERS learned, but it was difficult for them to understand the lesson that THEY were supposed to learn. As you are reading at home, talk about the lesson of the story. There can be more than one, but your child should be able to identify AT LEAST one.

Writer's Workshop

We have been taking all of the tricks that our favorite author's are teaching us and transferring it into our own writing. Our focus has been primarily on powerful parts of a story; what is powerful, why is it powerful, and how does the author do this? The kiddos have been busy writing powerful parts in their own personal narratives!

Social Studies

We just finished up Unit 1 in Social Studies, so we now have 23 experts on communities! We will be finishing up our flip books this week and beginning Unit 2 by Friday.