Finn's Surprise Halloween Party

We are throwing a Halloween/birthday party for Finn.

The party of the year is coming soon!

I'm very excited to be hosting another Halloween party this year. We will be gathering with family and friends once again to have an awesome party.


Monday, Oct. 31st, 5pm

17806 Old Yorkville Road

Union Grove, WI


This is a casual party so there is nothing specific organized. The only thing you need to know is that the party starts at 5:00 PM. Everybody should be there early to surprise Finn There will be sports and games to play accompanied by delicious homemade food.

"What should I wear?"

Although it is a Halloween party, there is no need for a costume to wear. It is a casual party where friends and family meet together for some fun. Wear what you would wear at home. Just plan to wear anything warm if the weather is going to be cold.