Jaguars in America

by : Jayden gulley


Jaguars live in central and South America. Jaguars are mostly found in tropical -Rainforests. They also live in the mountains of Arizona and New Mexico. Jaguars live in a long Range of places. Jaguars Live by rivers or streams. The most territory a female Jaguar had was 25 square miles


Jaguars variety diet is to Lizards, Fish, Birds, and small Alligators. Jaguars eat 87 Different tips of species of Animals. It eats grass to.
Cute Dog and Jaguar Are Best Friends

Black jaguars

Black Jaguars do have spots

Phical chartics

The Jaguars are very mushily creatures. They can weigh up to 59-96 kilograms. The Jaguar's jaw is the third strongest jaw on earth. The Jaguar can swim.


At best only an estimate of 15,000 jaguars are alive. Some effort has be useful to jaguars but not all have ben useful to jaguars. More and more jaguars are dyeing ever day.


Jaguars mostly hunt in mating season. Male Jaguars can have up to 19-53 squarer miles of territory. Jaguars mostly hunt on the ground but sometimes Jaguars hunt in trees and then they prances on his dinner. Jaguars love the water not like other big cats.

Fun facks

Jaguars kill animals that weigh more than them. Jaguars can bite thorough Turtles shell.