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Issue 5 - Marking and Feedback

The Sutton Trust and many other professional voices list effective feedback as the number one strategy for raising achievement in schools and the most important thing we do as teachers. This week's issue provides some practical tips on how to get on top of your marking and ensure it's hitting the mark with your students.

Manage Your Marking

Alex Quigley, subject leader of English at Huntington School in York, provides us with his essential tips on how to get on top of your marking, whilst ensuring that the hours you put in are worthwhile.

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The 3 Stages of Effective Written Feedback

Research and Development Leader, Mark Miller from Leeds West Academy, gives us his tips on achieving the maximum impact with your feedback at all stages throughout the process - before, during and after.

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Help Your Students Progress Quicker

Assistant head teacher and writer for the Guardian Teacher Network and the TES English blog, Sarah Findlater, shares her effective marking strategies to help your students get the most out of the feedback you give them.

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Marking to Inform Your Planning

Lisa Ashes, Advanced Skills teaching and learning leader from Joseph Swan Academy in Gateshead, shows us how we should use our marking to inform our planning, saving significant time along the way.

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Edited by Jon Tait, Assistant Head Teacher at Woodham Academy.

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