Civil Rights Act of 1964

Lyndon Johnson

Problems the law addresses... What the law is and what it includes

  • African Americans and Women (but mostly African Americans) were getting discriminated on in public places, like where they voted, lived, and went through many other hardships... SO they made this act.

"The provisions of this civil rights act forbade discrimination on the basis of sex as well as race in hiring, promoting, and firing."

  • Basically means that you should not hire, promote, or fire anyone because of their gander or race.
  • No discrimination in voting places or housing places
  • Illegal to discriminate in public places

Whom the law is intended to help/hurt

  • This law is to make the lives of African Americans and women easier.
  • It didn't exactly hurt anyone
  • Some people might have been mad because of it because they could be racist.
  • Opinion I think that law really helped the African Americans and even people of other races that were coming to the country. Now, the government is really backing them up and are on their side as well. Now that it's illegal to mistreat or discriminate against all these people, they will feel better, have more confidence, and be able to do what they normally intended to do.

Law achieve goal?... Effects

  • Goal was eventually achieved... Black president
  • Women now are more independent than they ever have been
  • Opinion... It may have taken a while for people to accept that things were changing and that blacks whites and even women were all the same... and all deserved to be treated right. Luckily, today there are way more accepting people and even though there are still people that are racist, things have changed allot. If I were an African American or a woman, I would mush rather live now than back then

If he was president today... {Opinion}

I think that today it would be the same but not with African Americans, or women. Today the law would maybe protect other races of people from Europe asia and South America. It wouldn't be as big as a problem today as it was back then though, but there still is a small amount of discrimination that does go on.