JCMS Team 2 Newsletter

Week of August 19, 2019

What's going on in class?


In Math this past week our students were very busy (probably some overwhelmed)! This year we will have Modules (or Units) and Lessons (in each Module). We began our first Module and Lesson on Monday, it is all about Ratios, this will be the topic for our first few weeks of the school year. We also completed the i-Ready diagnostic testing for the fall. All students did very well with handling of the newness this week.

Language Arts

In Language Arts this week we have been learning the steps of the writing process. Each day students will go through one of the steps for our "Paragraph of the Week". Students will be given a new prompt each week to write about in the interactive notebooks (INB). This process only takes about 5-10 minutes at the beginning of each class period. The prompt this week was "What animal would make the best pet?".

This week we have also been finishing up the ORF and MAZE testing which helps us determine each students' reading comprehension and oral reading fluency. While working through these test individually the remaining students also worked on NoRedInk.com which is a diagnostic test to help determine each students' knowledge in Language Arts.

Starting next week students will begin their nightly homework assignment. This homework will be reading a book of their choice each night for 20 minutes and then answering a few questions.


This week our Team 2 Scientists have been reviewing the water cycle, specifically looking at how the energy from the sun impacts the water cycle. Please anticipate a short quiz on Monday during class. Students have also turned in their first Article of the Week (AOTW). This bellwork is due on Thursdays on most weeks, and is worth 10 points. Each week 6th grade science teachers choose an article for their classes to read and to discuss. The first article we read was “Yes, Cats Know Their Own Names.” Students do pre-reading, during reading, and post-reading activities through the course of the week. Most of the work was done together during class this week.

Social Studies

The second week of school has already finished! This week, students began exploring social studies concepts. On Monday and Tuesday, we learned how to log on to our laptops and how to navigate our online social studies textbooks. On Wednesday and Thursday, we explored an activity called Lunchroom fight. This activity had the students examining how primary sources are used in history. On Friday, the students did an activity called “Hand Island”, which had the students draw a fictional island by tracing their hand and learn about geographic concepts. This week laid the groundwork for us to dive into the history of Early Man and the lives of our ancestors thousands of years ago. Next week, we will begin these exciting topics!


What parents need to know...


If you have not yet signed up for our Remind text messages yet we encourage you to do so. We will typically send out nightly homework assignments and other reminders through this system.
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Team 2 Expectations

Team 2 is consistent in our expectations in all our courses to create the best and most conducive learning environment for all students. We create these expectations and go over them multiple times with the team to insure that all students are able to be successful. We encourage you to review the expectations and discuss them with your student.


Students will be sending out weekly grade updates each Friday via e-mail. Please make sure your student has your email address as well as it being updated in Skyward. Parents will also have access to student grades at all times through the Skyward website or app. If you are unable to access Skyward please contact the office for further help.

Upcoming Events

9/2- No School

9/3- Wildcat Discovery Day 5:30- 7:30 pm (Parent Open House)

Library News

The library media center checked out almost 900 computers to students last week. Classroom teachers have begun bringing their students for library orientation and book checkout. The fall Scholastic Book Fair is scheduled for October 16th through October 24th. Before and after school activities will begin in September. Also, a Book Club for students will begin in September.

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