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Holland's Primary and Elementary Newsletter - March 2016

We're off to great places! Today is our day! The information is waiting, So...start reading away!

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Proud of Our Bell County Youth Fair Participants!

Holland ISD is extremely proud of the number of participants we had in the Bell County Youth Fair. Students spend many hours on these projects, and these hours are on their own time. Following is a list of elementary students who placed this year in the youth fair. Congratulations to them all!

Arce, Jolee 5th Grade

Candy - Divinity – 6th

Clothing - Doll Clothes – 1st - Reserve Champion

Cookies - Other Drop Cookies without any candy – 4th

Fashion Revue - A Dress (Daytime) – 2nd

Camden, Chevi 5th Grade

Cakes - Sheet Cake - 1st - C/1ST ALT

Candy - Divinity - 2nd - Reserve Champion

Clothing - Doll Clothes - 4th

Creative Arts - Decorated Wreaths - 4th

Yeast Bread - Loaf of White Yeast Bread - 2nd - Reserve Champion

Cargill, Colton 5th Grade

Roasters - Cockerels – 14th

Roasters - Pullets – 15th

Cross, Madison 5th Grade

Cakes - Fruit/Vegetable Layer Cake - 3rd

Cookies - Other Drop Cookies w/o any candy - 5th

Cookies - Shaped Cookies - 10th

Creative Arts - Handmade Wreaths - 2nd

Creative Arts - Holiday Wreaths - 10th

Pie - Two Crust Pie - 1st

Daniel, Gavin 4th Grade

Farm Shop - Lawn Furniture (Wood) - 2nd

Woodworking, Leather & Other Crafts - Models (Snap together) - 1st - Champion

Deorsam, Ashton 3rd Grade

Mkt Swine - Duroc Light Wt. – 2nd

Foegelle, Avery 4th Grade

Mkt Lambs - Middle Wt. Medium Wool – 5th

Mkt Lambs - Light Heavy Wt. Medium Wool – 7th

Mkt Lambs - Heavy Wt. Medium Wool – 7th

Timed Event Horses - Cloverleaf Barrels - 13 & under – 1st

Timed Event Horses - Pole Bending - 13 & under – 1st

Timed Event Horses - Stakes Race - 13 & under – 7th

Hutka, Luke 5th Grade

Cakes - Chocolate Layer Cake - 2nd

Candy - Fudge - 8th

Cookies - Drop Cookie w/plain Choc. Chip - 4th

Cookies - Brownies, Other Type - 8th

Meat Goats - Meat Goats Class 2 - 2nd

Meat Goats - Meat Goats Class 2 - 3rd

Photography - Catch-All - B&W or Color - 9th

Photography - Theme-Inspirational! B&W or Color - 6th

Woodworking, Leather & Other Crafts - Crafts Functional - 1st - Reserve Champion

Yeast Bread - Yeast Rolls - 7th

Ibarra, Jose 5th Grade

Creative Arts - Recycled Crafts - 10th

Martin, Huston 5th Grade

Candy - Fudge - 9th

Cookies - Other Bar Cookies - 10th

Textile Crafts - Fleece Throws & Pillow - 8th

Nixon, Ryan 5th Grade

Cookies - Shaped Cookies - 1st - Champion

Creative Arts - Holiday Corner - 9th

Quick Bread - Loaf of Quick Bread w/fruit - 5th

Parmer, Penny 5th Grade

Art - Drawing Colored Pencils – 7th

Art - Hand built & wheel thrown pottery – 2nd

Candy - Divinity – 7th

Clothing - Sewn Accessories – 1st

Clothing - Doll Clothes – 7th

Cookies - Drop Cookie w/candy pieces or any flavor – 7th

Creative Arts - Scrapbooking – 1st – Reserve Champion

Fashion Revue - Two or More Pieces Sewn – 1st – Reserve Champion

Pie - Nut Pie – 10th

Quick Bread - Loaf of Quick Bread w/fruit – 7th

Textile Crafts - Simple Pillow – 7th

Pierce, William Luke 4th Grade

Mkt Swine - Hampshire Heavy Wt. - 7th

Severson, Aiden 5th Grade

Cakes - Cupcakes (6) - 10th

Candy - Fudge - 1st - C/1ST ALT

Candy - Candy, Other Types - 7th

Cookies - Drop Cookie w/candy pieces or any flavor - 3rd

Creative Arts - Handmade Wreaths - 1st - Champion

Creative Arts - Holiday Wreaths - 9th

Creative Arts - Holiday Corner - 1st - Reserve Champion

Farm Shop-IA - Woodwork Furniture - 2nd - Reserve Champion

Quick Bread - Loaf of Quick Bread w/fruit - 3rd

Textile Crafts - Textile Holiday Corner - 2nd

Textile Crafts - Fleece Throws & Pillow - 2nd

Woodworking, Leather & Other Crafts - Woodwork Decorative - 1st - Reserve Champion

Woodworking, Leather & Other Crafts - Recycled wood metal or leather - 4th

Steglich, James 3rd Grade

Mkt Swine - Yorkshire Middle Wt. - 8th

Woodworking, Leather & Other Crafts - Models Cars/Airplanes/Ships, etc. - 2nd

Woodworking, Leather & Other Crafts - Models (Snap together) - 6th

Steglich, Ryan 4th Grade

Farm Shop - Indoor Metal Furniture & Metal Art – 2nd – Reserve Champion

Tyler, Catelyn 5th Grade

Breeding Rabbits - Jr. Buck Mini Rex - 3rd

Halter Horses - Reg. Mare 5 yrs & over - 2nd

Halter Horses - Grade Mare 5 yrs & over - 4th

Halter Horses - Grade Gelding 5 yrs & over - 4th

Halter Horses - Showmanship at Halter - 13 & under - 5th

Mkt Lambs - Light Wt. Finewool Cross - 6th

Rabbit Fryers - Rabbit Fryers - 27th

Rabbit Fryers - Rabbit Fryers - 33rd

Timed Event Horses - Cloverleaf Barrels - 13 & under - 9th

Timed Event Horses - Straight-Away Barrels - 13 & under - 5th

Timed Event Horses - Stakes Race - 13 & under - 3rd

Western Horses - Western Walk Trot - 13 & under - 7th

Western Horses - Western Pleasure - 13 & under - 6th

Western Horses - Western Horsemanship - 13 & under - 2nd

Vrabel, Andrew 4th Grade

Cookies - Rolled/Cutout Cookies - 9th

Food Preservation - Jellies - 1st

Food Preservation - Jam Preserves Marm. Conse.& Butters - 1st

Ward, Kylee 5th Grade

Meat Goats - Meat Goats Class 5 - 10th

Wooley, Allysa 3rd Grade

Cakes - Foam and Chiffon Cakes - 2nd

Clothing - Skirts - 2nd

Clothing - Sewn Accessories - 3rd

Creative Arts - Painted/Decor. Or Stenciled Garment - 7th

Food Preservation - Dill or Sour Cucumber Pickles - 1st - Reserve Champion

Food Preservation - Sauces - 6th

Quick Bread - Loaf of Quick Bread w/vegetable - 7th

Textile Crafts - Other Textile Crafts - 4th

Textile Crafts - Fleece Throws & Pillow - 5th

Yeast Bread - Yeast Rolls - 4th


March 2nd, Texas Independence Day

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Mrs. Tyler, Catelyn and Briley Tyler's grandmother, presented Mr. Downing with a library book in honor of Texas Independence Day. Mrs. Tyler is a member of The Daughters of the Republic of Texas, and the book she presented is about Sam Houston. Holland ISD thanks Mrs. Tyler for the time she took to speak with the children about Texas Independence Day and for her donation.


PTO Box Top Winners!!

Congratulations to the box top winners!! Prizes were provided by the Holland PTO. If you would like to participate in this monthly contest, tape your box tops to a collection sheet and turn them in at the end of each month.


ACE Program

The ACE program was busy during the month of March. Some of the activities included making and delivering cards to the residents of Will-O-Bell nursing home in Bartlett, learning how to make yummy cinnamon rolls with Ms. White, and the tumbling class performing at a basketball game!


Kindergarten and 1st Grade's Trip to See "The Cat in the Hat"

The Kindergarten and 1st Grade classes went to see "The Cat in the Hat" play in Georgetown on Thursday, March 10th. It was a great show and the students had a wonderful time. Below is an email Mr. Downing received the next day. Kuddos to our students and teachers at Holland Elementary!

Good afternoon, Mr. Downing.

After 15 years of teaching public school, I retired from teaching in 2014 to stay at home and teach my youngest, who is 7. Today we went to the Palace Theater in Georgetown with some other families in our homeschool group to see The Cat in the Hat. I wanted to take the time to let you know that I was very impressed with the behavior of your Kinder and 1st grade students that were in attendance at the same show. They were very respectful and seemed very much aware of behavior expectations before, during and after the performance. As a former public school teacher, I know how difficult it can be to manage behavior at such venues. Your students and teachers are to be commended.



2nd and 3rd Grade's Trip to the Zoo


4th and 5th Grade's Trip to Inner Space Cavern

The 4th and 5th graders had an interesting field trip to Inner Space Cavern. The weather was not cooperating, so they had to cancel eating outside due to the rain. Then, on the way to Inner Space the bus broke down. They were not far from Holland, so the school sent another bus to get the students and take them on their way. But, according to the teachers, the students were perfect, made the best of it, and ended up having a great time!
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Holland Elementary raised $2,224.44 for Jump Rope for Heart!! Way to go Holland Elementary!


Holland Elementary Sold 4, 317 Plants at Their Annual Plant Sale!

Holland Elementary held its annual plant sale March 28 – April 1.

All plants were started from seed and were organically grown by Holland Elementary Second Graders and Mrs. Evan’s Kindergarteners. The plants were sold at $0.50 each. The proceeds benefited the Holland First Baptist Church Food Bank.

Vegetables that were available included: Beefsteak Tomatoes, Roma Tomatoes, and Early Girl Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Jalapeno Peppers, Serrano Peppers, Anaheim Peppers, Yellow Squash, Zucchini, Cucumbers, Watermelon, and Cantaloupe. Herbs that were available included: Basil, Oregano, Thyme, Cilantro, Parsley, Sage, and Dill.


Elementary Cup Fundraiser

The cup fundraiser has ended and the students did a wonderful job. In our next newsletter, we will recognize our top sellers. There is a limited supply of Holland Hornet cups available in the elementary office for $12 each if you were unable to buy one! Thanks again to the students, parents, and community for supporting our fundraiser!


American Legion Auxiliary’s Easter Egg Hunt for Holland Elementary

Holland ISD would like to thank the American Legion Auxiliary Unit 526 for their time and energy as they worked to provide another wonderful Easter egg hunt for the students of Holland Elementary on Thursday, March 24th. All students from the Community Day Care, PPCD, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and First Grade were able to participate in this special event. “The students look forward to the Easter egg hunt all week long. They talk about it and get more excited each day. The American Legion Auxiliary members do a great job interacting with the students, and the members seem to have as much fun as the kids.”, stated Kindergarten teacher Debbie Gilley.

The American Legion Auxiliary began filling the 146 dozen eggs a few weeks before the event. Cathy Hegar stated that they do this to ensure they have everything ready for the big day. Members of the Auxiliary that attended were Cathy Hegar, Adele Posey, Margie Lovellette, and Shirley Liles. American Legion members that attended were Henry Hegar, David Posey and Joe Liles. Cathy Cleveland’s leadership class helped hide the eggs. The elementary students have been receiving this great service for 20+ years, and Holland ISD appreciates the Auxiliary’s commitment to the school and community. Dean Brisbin and the late Gwen Bell started this annual tradition. Mrs. Hegar stated that it was very exciting to see the kids vacuum up the eggs in such a short amount of time. She also said that it was a thrill to see the joy in the children’s faces and that it brought back great memories.

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Mrs. Foegelle's Pre-Kindergarten Classes & Mrs. Christian's PPCD Class

Kourtnie Gommert brought her bunny, Freggles, to visit the Pre-K class!

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Thank You, Mrs. Aramanda!!!

Holland ISD would like to thank Mrs. Dorie Aramanda for being our long term substitute in Mrs. Christian's PPCD class. Mrs. Aramanda, you did a fantastic job and kept the program going smoothly. Thank you so much for investing your time in our students and school!
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Introducing Kelby Jayne Christian!!

Kelby Jayne Christian was born on January 25th at 9:46 a.m. Kelby weighed 8 lb 5.5 oz and was 20 inches. She has one VERY proud big sister, Khloe, who is in Mrs. Dawson's kindergarten class! Congratulations, Mrs. Christian and Khloe!

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The Kindergartners enjoyed painting Easter eggs and going on an Easter egg hunt!


First Grade

  • Please be sure to listen to your child read their book bag to you EVERY night. Even if your child attends ACE, they still need to read to you. ACE does not listen to them read.
  • Review adding and subtracting facts through 20.
  • Continue practicing counting coins.
  • Practice telling time to hour and half hour.

First grade investigates worms in science when they were learning about living and nonliving.

1st Grade Dying Easter Eggs, Hunting Easter Eggs, and Meeting a Few Easter Bunnies!


Second Grade

The 2nd Grade dying their Easter eggs and playing games at their Easter party.

Thank you, Mrs. Patterson!!!

Holland ISD would like to thank Mrs. Lauren Patterson for being our long term substitute in Mrs. Cheek's 2nd Grade class. Mrs. Patterson, you worked very hard, fit right in, and made a difference in the students' lives. Thank you so much for investing your time in our students and school!
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Third Grade

  • Parents may help their child at home learn their reading vocabulary words by downloading the app Quizlet. This is a fun way to practice learning the vocabulary words.
  • Istation Home is ready to use and assignments have been assigned on skills covered in class. This is great at home practice. Parents will need to follow the instructions to install and then use the students username and password.

3rd Grade Having Fun at Their Easter Party!


5th Grade

5th grade had a busy but fun month!
  • The first set of pictures are of the 5th graders during their "circle time". They are practicing their "positive handles".
  • The second set of pictures are of their Easter egg relays!


Healthy Kids, Pale Kids...Sick Kids, Well Kids!!


Clinic Schedule

Feed My Sheep Clinic has a free children's walk-in clinic on certain Saturdays. They do sick child visits, vaccinations, hearing screening, vision screening, and dental screening. They are open from 10 am to 12 pm, and sign up's begin at 9:30 am. Upcoming dates are:

  • April 9th
  • May 7th
  • May 28th

Their contact information is:

613 South 3rd Street

Temple, TX 76504



Look who has lost a tooth!!


Other Important Dates

  • Thursday, April 14th - PreK/Kindergarten Roundup
  • Friday, April 29th - Holiday for Students / Teacher Work Day
  • Thursday, May 5th - Last day of ACE
  • Monday, May 9th - 3rd Grade & 4th Grade Math STAAR
  • Tuesday, May 10th - 3rd Grade & 4th Grade Reading STAAR
  • Wednesday, May 11th - 5th Grade Science STAAR
  • Thursday, May 12th - Band Concert (4th Grade through High School)
  • Friday, May 13th - 2nd and 3rd Grade 200 Point Trip
  • Monday, May 16th - Elementary UIL Swim Trip
  • Tuesday, May 17th - Elementary UIL Swim Trip / Senior Walk
  • Wednesday, May 18th - 4th and 5th Grade 200 Point Trip
  • Thursday, May 19th - Summer Fun
  • Friday, May 20th - Holiday for Students / Teacher Work Day
  • Monday, May 23rd - 4th Grade State Capitol Field Trip
  • Tuesday, May 24th - Field Day
  • Friday, May 27th - Last Day of School / Early Release / Graduation at Expo Center

Holland ISD Roundup



(4 yrs. old as of 9-1-15)


Kindergarten Students

(5 yrs. old as of 9-1-15)


April 16, 2015

Pre-K – 7:00-8:00 pm

Kindergarten – 1:00-2:00 pm, 7:00-8:00 pm


Holland Elementary Office

What to Bring:

Shot Record, Birth Certificate and Social Security Card

*Kindergarten students need to be present to complete a short activity with a Teacher. *