Driving into the Future

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The Road to Happiness

A recent study done by the National Driving Foundation (NDF) shows that 94% of drivers are now focused on devices rather than on the road. What a success! Driving is a mundane task that gets you from point A to point B, but where's the fun in that? Thanks to technological advances, all new model cars have blue tooth, tablets in the dashboard, and some even have wifi. This makes it so much easier to multitask while driving. Now people don't even have to think about the road while they travel. No one will ever fall asleep behind the wheel again, because they will always have something to pay attention to. Commuters can check their emails on the way to work, students can finish up their paper while heading to school, and parents can constantly check up on the children. Technology in cars is the way of the future because it benifits everyone. So hop on board and drive away with us in to future, but with you Facebook followers of course!