Tanners Studyguide

what poetic terms do you understand? give a definition or example of each term.

personification:A person or thing typifying or guiding

simile:A person using like or as

metaphor:A person not using like or as

hyperbole:A figure of speech in evaporation

theme:A topic of a story

what do you know about literary non-fiction?

Biography:A account of a persons life written by another person

Autobiography:The person is writing about there self

Memoir:A simile story

personal narrative:A true story

diary:A way to express your self after the day is over

what are plot elements in fiction?why are they important?

story maps that are made up they are pokes

what is the point of view in fiction? how does the point of view effect the story?

the point of view is the main idea of the story

what are the tools of reading?

its a motive of the story the point of view is the whole story and the summary is a little paragraph but helps you under stand the story better

what have you learned about grammar so far this year?

comparative ans superlative adjectives:describing words

irregular verbs :contrast

prepositional phrases:they are nouns

simple and compound sentences:really simple sentences

subject verb agreement : they are pronouns

How is the story told in drama?

The actors can show all kinds of diffrent emotions and can change there voice