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Classroom Happenings Sept 12-16


This week in math we began a new "topic" (aka unit) focusing on mental math, compatible numbers, compensation for mental math, commutative and associative properties of addition, and adding and subtracting decimals. The best help you can give your child at home is to encourage fact practicing. We have logins set up for Prodigy, Xtramath, and Frontrow. Check them out! The more practice your child gets with facts, the more free space s/he will have for more complicated math concepts.


Reading, Writing, Spelling/Word study, and Grammar

We read our next story called "Island of the Blue Dolphins" which is actually an excerpt from the actual novel. We focused on setting and theme, inference, compound words, imagery, invitation writing, independent vs. dependent clauses, and tons of new vocabulary. We worked in small group to begin challenging our peers with higher-level challenge questions about our text to push each other's mind and learning levels, along with promoting engagement. Moving away from teacher lead to student lead discussions will be our focus during story discussions. I am excited to hear how your child likes that model that we will start more and more beginning next week. This growth mindset is really taking hold. We took our very first Greek root quiz this week. This is such a great tool to have as students move forth in school/complex concepts. Knowing what word parts mean can help students determine meanings of bigger words. Thanks for encouraging your child to read each night, whether it's their BOB book, leveled reader, or any book of his/her choice. Practice = perfect progress!!!


We are wrapping up our learning of our solar system and preparing to start our Vex kits (robotics STEM) "land rovers" in our Science cooperative learning groups. The building of the rovers can be a challenge, but it's a fun challenge for all! Pictures to come!!!

Important dates to remember

Sept 16- Reading and spelling tests

Sept 20- DARE begins

Sept 22- Reading test

Sept 23- Spelling test & Musical at HS at 9:30am

Sept 27- Topic 2 Math test

Sept 28- Picture day

Sept 30- Spelling and Reading tests

Nov 14- 5th grade musical

Music News


Conley Gym @ 7pm- Students arrive at 6:45pm

This week:

We've been singing up a storm as we start learning some of our concert songs! So far we have started songs by the Beatles, Prince and Elvis. See if your child remembers which songs! Did they interview you about the Beatles?

Brain Buster

Labor Day became a Federal holiday by an Act of Congress in 1894. In what century did Americans first celebrate it?

A. 17th

B. 18th

C. 19th

D. 20th