Date joined the Europeiean Union 1994

Was your country a founder of the EU

No my country was not a founder of the EU

Where is Sweden located

Sweden is located to the west of Turkey and to the east of Finland.
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The flag of Sweden has a yellow almost cross like stripe on the navy blue flag. The colors of the flag are also the favorite colors of sweden

Capirptal and four major cities

Some major cities in Sweden are Stockholm,Arboga,Arvika,Askersund and the capital is Alingås

Some torest its attractions are

Some torest attractions are Ola Ericsson, Phil Price, Stockholm Arcapelago, Justin-Brown and Peter Grant

The geography of Sweden

The geography of Sweden is Hilly pininsula and is near the Baltic Sea


The government of Sweden was Hereditary Monarchy.


Sweden uses euros and majorly spend it on food.
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3 interesting facts

Some interesting facts about Sweden is the official Twitter of Sweden is given to a randome person every week, sweetish wasn't an official language until 2009 and 83% of sweet hi people speak English