The Three Empires

The Ottoman Empire, The Safavid Empire, The Mughal Empire

Three of the great empires of history

The ottomans in turkey, the Safavids in Persia, and the Mughals I. India emerged in the Muslim world between the 14th and 18th.centuries.

The Ottoman Empire 5w's

Who: the ruler sulieman of the Ottoman Empire.

What: Falling of constanople/ conquering

We're: Hungary, Balkans, mesopitamia, tripoli, Crimea, Italy

When: 1451-1566

Why: sulkeman died, and the ottoman empire lost its guard

The ottoman empire

1. Freed 1,500 Egyptians, and Iranian prisoners.

- trained as a gold smith helped in battle

2. They said " I made these up," " he was a great ruler," " he helped people"

3. Expanded the empior

- helped free slaves

- helped in battle

The Safavid empire 5w's

Who: shah Abbas grandson was the decline of the Safavid empire

What: the grandson was incompetent and a bad ruler, and she abba blinded his sons

We're: Persia

Why: shah abba killed or blinded his ablest sons, and his grandson took control leading them down the same route as the ottamans

When: in 1747 when nadir shah died

Cultural blending

Each time a culture interacts with another, it is exposed to ideas, technologies, foods, and ways of life not exactly like its own. Continental crossroads, trade routes, ports, and the borders of countries are places where cultural blending com- monly begins. Societies that are able to benefit from cultural blending are those that are open to new ways and are willing to adapt and change. The blended ideas spread throughout the culture and produce a new pattern of behavior. Cultural blending has several basic causes.



-pursuit of religiouse freedom or conversation




- language

- religion and ethical systems

- styles of government

- racial or ethnic blending

- arts and architecture

Safavid empire:

- golden age blended ottaman, Persian, and Arab worlds

- trade with Persia for carpets

- built and empire

The Mughal empire 5w's

Who: Jahan the ruler, and his son Aurangzeb

What: the Mughal empire had fallen and declined

We're: in the Muslim world

When: 14th and 18th century

Why: Jahan spent his time planting gardens and his people suffered. And his son Aurangzeb took over and was a harsh ruler. He drained the empire of its resources, and the power of central government weakened to decline

What Mughal ruler would I have preferred?

I would have wanted my ruler to be shah Jahan, this is because he cared for the people he ruled and was a good ruler with his wife, he had also expanded the empire. Founder of the magnificent monument Taj Mahal, Also associated with the Red Fort of Delhi, Jama Masjid of Delhi, Section of Agra Fort, the Wazir Khan Mosque and the Moti Masjid in Lahore, Pakistan

Who I wouldn't want to be my ruler.

I would not want to be ruled by Aurangzeb and he was a harsh ruler, he drained the empire of resources and the power of the central governement weaken and leads to its decline.
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