Digital Citizenship

By Moeez Saleem

What is a good digital citizen

Being a good digital citizen online means that you protect personal information, you are responsible with resources, you use the internet effectively and that you have proper online etiquette. Being a good digital citizen will lead you to gaining the most use out of the internet.

Social networks and the future?

What a person shares on a social network website can affect your future no matter how long ago it was. 91% of employers today use social media to review their applicant profile. College and University admission programs do the same. 8% of employers in the US have fired an employee based on a post they shared online. So be careful on what you post online as it may affect you in the future.
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Cyber Bullying

Did you know that 39% of teens on social networking sites have been cyber bullied at least once. Many cases have even lead to suicide. Cyber bullying includes anything that would offend or anything that could be hurtful to someone even online. Extreme cases of cyber bullying can lead to legal action and yes you can get caught for cyber bullying. Although it can be hard to believe the impact on a person from cyber bullying can be very similar to bullying in person in terms of damage. It can also be worse because what you put online stays online.
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Online Profile

The internet age is only progressing and will be used even more in the near future. So building your online profile should be done very carefully, make sure your online profile reflects your actual personality.