Pay it forward

By cade van horn

Cades pay it forward

Could you imagine a world with every body helping you when you fall down? That is called an act of kindness. A way to show an act of kindness is to, “Pay it forward “. Paying it forward is where you do something nice for someone else, then they spread it on and on and on .”Pay it forward” is a random act of kindness someone would come and do something out of the ordinary when he gives you something or if you leave something they will hand it to you and return for that and do something kind for a person. My goal is for me to do three acts of kindness and hopefully they will pass it on.

For an example, if you clean your room without being told that is a good thing because your parents would be happy. When your little sister sees that thing
that you did maybe she will pay it forward .By doing this it makes our parents life a lot easier.If your dad asks you to do something you should do it because your dad would give you something good and he will pass it on.

Well pay it forward is a good thing it makes our county a better place because it would stop people from being bad and then they could be a good person. An example one time i helped my little sister and she was happy about it .Then her friend came over and she fell on the ice and she helped her up and then she passed it on and by that she did something good and she did pay it forward .

people can do it anyone can do it even little children .For a example if you do something nice like clean your room without being told that is a kind thing cause it gives you a lot less stress.For a example i went up and got a soda for my dad that was a thing that what your dad will appreciate it .

That is why i feel people should keep paying it forward so the world can be a better place and so people can get nicer with stuff.Also you can teach people a thing or to be a better person and when a little kid walks by and they see you doing something
nice for a person they will want to do that and they will spread it and the world will be a better i hope you will pay it forward.

By cade van horn.

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