VCR Lesson 7

Mikaela Anderson

Select the Most Appropriate Word from Lesson 7 to Fill in the Blank

It had been three hours, but Jared still refused to answer Mary's persistent ______ regarding his whereabouts the previous evening.
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Inquisition, n.

1. A prolonged inquiry or questioning, especially a harsh investigation on religious or political issues

2. The special court of the Roman Catholic church in the Middle Ages to combat, suppress, and punish heresy

  • the word must be capitalized when referring to this definition

Alternate Forms

Inquisitive, adj. "curious or inquiring"

Inquisitor, n. "an official in an Inquisition" or "a person making an inquisition"

Inquisitorial, adj. "of or like an inquisitor"

Inquisitorial System

-used to refer to a legal system in which the presiding judge takes a more active role in gathering evidence to determine guilt and innocence

-compared to the adversarial system, which is more commonly employed in the US, in which two parties are pitted against one another to uncover the truth

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quaerō, quaerere, quaesīvī, quaesītum, L. "to seek", "to search for"

in, L. "in"










History of Inquisition

-began in the 12th century in France

-most famous example is the Spanish Inquisition

-In 1478 to maintain Catholic control, primarily targeting Jews and Muslims, forcing them to convert or flee Spain

'Spanish Inquisition' Compilation - Monty Python's Flying Circus

Select the Sentence in which the Bolded Word is Used Incorrectly

1. While Mary was researching her genealogy, she discovered that many of her ancestors were originally from Spain, but fled during the inquisition due to their Jewish faith.

2. On his report card, Henry's teacher raved that he was an inquisitive boy, often asking probing questions which prompted interesting class discussion.

3. Due to her profession as a surgeon, Susan was forced to endure an inquisition for a medical malpractice case, to ensure that she had upheld her oath to "do no harm."

4. John was a known advocate for the inquisitorial system, arguing that the inherently antagonistic nature of the American legal system was not conducive to finding solutions to conflict.


The answer is 1, because inquisition must be capitalized when used in this way.