5 Reasons Why People Aren't Booking

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What’s the number one question we get as a leader or mentor? Mine is, “Nobody wants to book with me. Why not?” I will say that I have the same question myself sometimes, but I quickly kick that thought out of my head. There are so many external forces that we cannot control that cause people to not want to book parties, but there are also some things we can control.

Here are some reasons why people may not be booking with you and some solutions to help you out!

Problem: Our mindset

Solution: Start thinking positively! I know it’s hard when every single person you ask says no, but turn your negative thoughts into positive ones! Start by making up a mantra for yourself to repeat in your head over and over until it starts happening! For example, you can use “My booking calendar is full”, “Everybody wants to book parties with me”, or “I am a booking machine”! I know this sounds silly, but believe me, I’ve tried it and it works! Positive thoughts breed positive results!

Problem: Our belief in our companies

Solution: You may think this one isn’t all that important, but it’s the one thing that drives your business! If you don’t have a full belief in your company, it shows to your customers and they won’t want to do business with you. This is one thing that has worked for me. I have a passion for and total trust in my company and it shows to my customers and team. People do not want to book with those who are iffy with their business and how their company runs things. So if you are still in a funk for your business, then fake it! Once you get moving with your business, you beliefs start to change, and in turn, you business takes a positive turn.

Problem: We aren’t asking them

Solution: I know, sounds so simple right? Then why aren’t we doing it?! When you already have a party, are you asking each and every single person there if they want to get some friends together for a little shopping and girl time? If not, start now. Don’t single anyone out thinking they won’t book a party. Make it a point to ask everyone. Also, we all have so many friends and acquaintances on Facebook, so use them! It doesn’t hurt to ask your friends and family for help to support your business! Ask past hostesses to re-book a party for your new catalog, people love new stuff!

Problem: We are ashamed we do direct sales

Solution: I have heard this so many times! Direct sales has a bitter taste in some people’s mouths because it sounds like a scam or it almost embarrasses us to admit we sell for a direct sales company. The bottom line is….this is YOUR own business. If you built your own business from scratch, would you be embarrassed or ashamed of it? No! You would be proud to tell people about it, because its something you’ve done by yourself and for yourself. Same goes for your direct sales business. Be proud of what you do and who you are! Some of you are making more money than others doing a part time job, so why be ashamed of that! It’s time for us to change the stigma of direct sales!

Problem: We aren’t following up

Solution: We’ve called our leads and left voice mails or emails. Awesome! That’s the first step, but it’s not the last. Follow up is a continuous process as you never know when you might get that booking! It might be a year from your first call, but hey, it’s worth it! So when you make that first call and have to leave a voice mail, let your customer know that you will follow up with them in a couple of weeks if you haven’t heard back. By doing this, they are expecting you to call back. If they don’t want you calling them back, they will either call, text, or email you to let you know they aren’t interested and that’s okay! For every no you get, you are closer to a yes! You have to keep following up. Call past customers to see how they are liking their products, check to see if they need anything else, you never know when you may get a booking from one of those calls!

What other ideas do you have to get bookings? Post them in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you!