By: Marie Lu


Legend, is a book that takes place in future Los Angeles. It is about two opposite kids that paths end up crossing. Day, is a wanted criminal for committing countless crimes, and June is a military prodigy that was born into a very rich family. Their paths cross when Day supposedly kills June's brother, and June is sent to hunt Day down. This book has many twists and turns, and is a game of cat and mouse right up until the end.


This story takes place in Los Angeles, in the future. The poorer parts of the city, are where many different plagues thrive. In the wealthy part of the city, there is no plague, and the people live happily. Much of the technology in the book is the same as what we have now.
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In this story, there are two main characters. June and Day.

Day is a very smart boy that failed his trial when he was twelve. He was sent to labor camps, but somehow managed to escape. He then lived on the streets scavenging what he could and committing crimes all over the place for money. He is on the most wanted list in the city.

June, is a prodigy. She is so smart that she received a perfect score on her trial. That was enough to send her to the highest standard military school even though she was only fourteen. When her brother is killed, she is called into action to hunt Day down, because he supposedly killed her brother.

About the Author

Marie Lu was born in Beijing, China 1984. Lu enjoyed writing as a little girl. Her family moved to the United States when Lu was five, and she went to college at the University of California and almost became a lawyer. Instead she took a job as a director for a video game company. Lu wrote for twelve years before her book Legend was published. Her book became very popular right away.


Book Reviews

Good for tweens/younger teens

This book is an easy read for adults and fairly tame, compared to other popular dystopian YA fiction out there. Other than the relatively mild violence, there is little for the average parent to worry about. There is a little romance, but nothing more than attraction and a kiss or two. There are no "big" swear words. It was a bit simplistic for my more mature taste, but I can see why the tweens love it. I would definitely let my 10 year old read it.

Refreshing Read

This was a pretty good book. It was very entertaining and captivating, seeing I finished it in one day. It was incredibly fast paced and action packed, but at the same time, it was very easy to follow what was happening. Legend wasn't exactly what I had expected it to be, a thrilling dystopia about a girl who scoured the country for this one boy who is the prime suspect in her brother's murder. I had expected the two main characters to battle it out constantly and eventually find a burning passion for each other in an unexpected turn of events. I had expected one of the characters, June perhaps, to have a terrible hate for herself when she discovered her true feelings for Day. In Legend, I found some of what I had hoped, but mostly I found a generic average post-dystopian plot. I was a little disappointed, and thought the story line could have been a little more climatic and engaging, but I was still satisfied. This book reminded me of Uglies by Scott Westerfield, except faster paced and more interesting.



Legend, by Marie Lu is a very intense and intriguing book. It is full to the brim with lots of action and adventure. I recommend this book for anyone that is into the dystopian genre of books. The book takes place in a plague ravaged city in the future, and is intense in making you want to read more and more. This book was very good, and I highly recommend it.
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