France in the 1800's

By: Logan Wade and andrew streby

French marriage in the 1800's

The parents of a girl kept her inside until they decided it was time for them to get out then young and sometimes old bachelors courted the girls then the girls parents would get together with the bachelor and make a dowry and elaborate marriage contract.

Aristocrat charecteristics

The top 5% of the population of France were Aristocrats. Despite the increased wages the Aristocrats controlled 33% of the national income

Bourgeoisie charecteristics

Appearance was everything to the Bourgeoisie. The Bourgeoisie were small business owners, The amount of slaves you had meant wealth.

Proletariat charecteristics

Lives depended on physical labor for the Proletariat who had no slaves. Some Proletariat were small landowning peasants who had to hire farmhands to turn a profit