Where is the grassland biome? In Africa, Australia, South America and Indonesia.

How is the weather in grasslands? Rainfall'is from 50.8 to 127cm (20-50) per year. Usually sunny and rain sometimes.

What types of plants live there and why? Feather head, creamy candles, blue devil, slender rice-flower,mplains Flax lily, magenta Storks-Bill and more live in grasslands because because it is sunny and rain sometimes.

What types of animals liver there and why? Elephants, lions, giraffes, zebras, Buffaloes, kangaroos, mice, moles, grophers, ground squirrels, snakes, worms, termites, beetles, leopards and hyenas live in grasslands because there's a lot of prey.

Find one example of the biome and explain its location using latitude and longitude e.g. The Simpson Desert? Patagoniaian Steppe is my example It's latitude is 33.846942 It's longitude is -112.115948.