We Want YOU to Prevent Suicide!

Suicide is Preventable!

Warning Signs

Non-Verbal Signs

- Poor concentration

- Isolation

- Preoccupation with death

- Crying

- Drug and alcohol abuse

Verbal Clues

- "I wish I were dead"

- "Nobody needs me"

- "I just can't go on any longer"

- "I'm going to kill myself"

- "My family would be better off without me"

Suicide is Preventable!

- Suicide is temporary like other sickness, so they can be cured

- In almost all cases they don't want to die, but see no other way out.

- People love the victim and their death will affect people

- There are teams of professionals ready to help!

- People care about the victim

Where to Find Help

- School guidance counselor

- Local clinic or hospital

- The national suicide prevention website

- Trusted adults

- Call 1 (800) 273-8255 in an emergency