The Girl Who Was Supposed To Die

By: April Henry

The Girl Who Was Suppose To Die

It is about a girl who woke up not remembering anything. Then these two guys are trying to kill her and she kills one of them is what this police officer said. She then is making the journey to find out what happens and she gets money and goes to this McDonalds. She meets this guy named Ty and he figures out that she is in a lot of trouble or looks a little banged up from looking at her. These guys pulled out 2 fingernails because her parents were associated with this company and they were trying to get information out of her. Ty ends up helping her out and bringing her to his apartment and meets Ty's friend named James and they help her out so much. Her parents are with this company and they are figuring out a cure for when rats poop and there is a toxin in it. It causes people to die within days. They end up finding out a cure but the bosses of the company see that if they have a cure and people want it bad enough they will pay a lot of money for it. So they want to use it as a weapon.
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One Man Can Change The World- Big Sean

I think that this song goes perfectly with this guy named Ty. He helps save Cady and ends up saving a lot of people with him helping Cady take out the guy trying to hurt the other people. He saved the world just by seeing that a girl was in trouble.

You're Gonna Go Far Kid- The OffSpring

All I can picture when this part in the book when she drives off from these guys trying to kill her and she apparently kills him. She beats him up and knocks him out. And as she is driving away this song plays in the background and just gets you pumped up. Or maybe a part where both her and Ty go and try and get a cure for her younger brother and are faced with a problem.

Take Me Back- OCD Moosh and Twist

In the book she is always talking about how she wants to go back and not have to deal with anything that happened. She wants her life to go back to normal. This song talks about how they want to go back and live their life when it was good and fun. She's always saying how she wants to be a regular kid again.

Luke Bryan- Drink A Beer

It says in this song "So long my friend, until we meet again, I'll remember you." And I can imagine this song playing as she finds out that her little brother was murdered by these people and he is only 3 years old as well. Thank you Brother Bear Ethan for this song he picked for me.