Allusion Project

by. Sadi Hernandez


Dixie Howell

  • Meaning- played college football as a half back at the university of Alabama from 1932 to 1934. Also played with the redskins of the national football league in 1937.
  • Reason allusion is used- In this allusion scout is trying to comfort Jem by telling him he looks like "Dixie Howell."
  • Effect- this allusion is included to show that scout really cares about Jem and wants him to be happy. She shows he comes first.
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  • Meaning-people who make and/or sell illegal liquor.
  • Reason allusion is used- Reverend Sykes is talking about how women are worse than bootleggers. "Bootleggers caused enough trouble in the Quarters, but women were worse. Again, as I had often met in my own church, I was confronted with the impurity of women doctrine that seemed to preoccupy all clergymen."
  • Effect- Reverend Sykes is explaining sins to the people and is talking about some of the people he has seen and talked to, women and bootleggers.
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