I Survived Series

Can you survive the I Survived Series?

Chapter One: Where are we?

Activity #1:

First of all, you have to know what Continent you are on to understand our story, I Survived the Nazi Invasion.

Locate: North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia and the Antarctic.

Activity #2:

Look at the map at the back of our book, page 95. Study the map. Find Germany and Poland. Compare with the globe or map of the world in the room. Find these two countries again.

Before tomorrow, find out what European countries your teachers' ancestors are from. Say, "What countries in Europe did your relatives come from?"

Activity #3:
Note what year the story took place. How can we find out that information?

Activity #4:
Read the dedication page. What is a Jewish partisan?

HINT: Note the word "part" is in the word. Note that words that end in -an are usually for people. for example: American, Missourian, Mexican.

While we read, we will figure out what a partisan is. Let's let the text teach us that.

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Activity #5

The first chapter of the I Survived Series always starts in the HEIGHT of the action or the CLIMAX of the story. Our senses are awakened to a place and a situation that is very suspenseful.

What are the five senses?

While you read, find word choices that appeal to the five senses and organize on a padlet.

Try this activity HERE.

Activity #6 WORD WORK

In chapter one, there were so many adjectives!

Some were made from verbs or nouns by adding the -ed ending or the -ing ending. can you find FIVE (5) of them.

can you find 3 to 5 WAR words?

Can you find 3 to 5 FIRE words?


Use the Bitsboard and play a vocabulary game with a partner to conquer words related to war and all the troubles our main character, Max might encounter.


Have you figured out what a partisan is yet?

Jewish partisans were fighters in irregular military groups participating in the Jewish resistance movement against Nazi Germany and its collaborators during World War II.


Activity #1: As you read listen for Max's POINT OF VIEW about the WAR.

Be ready to cite which page and paragraph that gave you ideas about his thoughts and feelings (point of view) of the War.

Activity #2: Read this chapter again, making a movie in your mind. Be ready to describe a ghetto this time.

Activity #3: Now that you read this chapter twice. Can you find the exact place in the text that Max leaves the "present" and goes back to something he remembers from the past? That's called a "backstory" and it helps the reader understand the characters' current situation. We understand more because of the backstory. Can you find it? Which verbs or phrases helps you know you are going into the "double past"--the past of Max?


This chapter had some really horrible words.

Can you explain the difference between them?

brutal hideous terrifying ragged terrible dangerous

Activity #5: WORD WORK

Be sure to practice the Bitsboard game/s on War Words again with "True False." Watch out! They might try to put some bad speling in front of you.


Before we go on to Chapter Three...are you sure you know what the SETTING of our story is?

Find clues in the text and share with a partner.

Regroup and then let's start Chapter 3.

Activity #1

When you read chapter 3, watch for how Max's feelings are connected to events. Can you name a past event in Max's life with a feeling?

shattered hope



Chapter 4

To prepare for chapter 4, play the Bitsboard vocab word games and charades for many power verbs:

to lull --- to crawl --- to crouch ----- to snag ---to gulp ---to collapse
--- to wheeze ---to jar ---to be stunned -----

to teeter ----- to dodge --- to claw --- to rake -----to gasp ---t

to fuel ------ and more


How did the two escape so quickly?

Which sentence gives a summary of how the people's hatred of the Jews grew? (page 23)

Chapter 5

In historical fiction books, the author can load up the dialogue with lots of important information so that we understand the setting and context of our story.

What do we learn from the dialogue in this chapter?


What's the plot of the story so far?

Name the important actions part by part.

Chapter 6

In this chapter we might figure out where Hannah has been all of this time.


Can you figure out the meaning of these words that start with P?
You need to understand these words to get the meaning of what's happening in this book and for many of the I Survived Books.

to plot something



to ambush


care_____ ______out sling______ some________ ______house rag______


Chapter 7

Good Readers Keep Track!

In this chapter, listen for Who is Who.
listen for what the partisan groups do to stop Hitler and his army
watch for a hidden flashback. Can you find it?

Chapter 8 WORD WORK

This chapter is loaded with ADJECTIVES....describing words.


Focus on page 51 for the adjectives!
thorny enormous giant twisted horror muddy bloodthirsty tangled sure

page 52
whispering breeze

page 53 Notice how the adjectives are actions turned into adjectives

fallen, sleeping,

great desperate secret giant

Chapter 8 SUMMARY work

Summarize this whole chapter in 2 to 3 sentences. Think about Who, What, Where, When?

Your sentences should answer those questions.

Chapter 9 WORD WORK

Find 3 verbs and adjectives you don't know very well and use Context Clues to figure them out!